2012-09-22 @ 19:53:42
I do not promise you to be flawless, the best or perfect, but I promise to be always and in spite of everything.
2012-01-27 @ 16:46:35
I'm hungry. I'm dirty. I'm losing my mind. Everything's fine. I'm freezing. I'm starving. I'm bleeding to death. Mother, mother, everything's fine.
2011-12-24 @ 13:20:17
If i die today, tell Johnny Deep I loved him.
Oh, created for me.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

2011-12-02 @ 17:33:56
I wanna do bad things with you. ♥
2011-11-20 @ 12:56:35
I want to be forever young. Carefree childhood, o.

2011-11-15 @ 20:03:04
Oh, I so happy, that I could die.
oh, i don't know.
2011-10-21 @ 15:48:13
I feel funny. I feel faint and breathless. I'm tired all the time. I've lost my appetite and I can't sleep at night.
This is love or flu.
2011-10-04 @ 17:18:40
Waiting for love to walk throught the door.
People get drugs. People fall in love.
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