Yo again :D
2009-09-29 @ 23:09:36
Some music:

Maybe, it's so old tune, but I very like it ^^


OK. maybe ... something about me;)
I live in Poznań.
I love:
- Sports ... Basketball, Volleyball, Cycling, etc.
- Films/Programs: Mummy, Ms&Mrs Smith, CSI, Desperate Housewives, Miami INK, Grand designs, MTV, Domo, ...
- Architecture<3
& many others ...
In last week, I read about Martial arts & my master-Bruce Lee. He happen author of Jeet Kune Do - The Way of the Intercepting Fist, in which he used elements of all known methods of their struggle. It was a kind of "style without style". He told, that he didn't fight in any particular style.

so far it's all. :)

2009-09-25 @ 15:15:54
Music ?
Techno , Trance , House , American RAP , R&B !
I watched `Enter the dragon' yesterday. I love that movie! It's once of many my favourite films.
I saw it about 30 times.
I love Martial arts! & I love watch films with Bruce Lee[my master:D], J.C. Van Damme & Bolo Yeung
Favourite tune: DjTiesto - Adagio 4 strings <3

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