2011-12-31 @ 16:28:44
Ok, so... this year coming to an end. Are you happy for this reason? I'm definetely yes. This year wasn't good for me. For many, many reasons. I will not write about it here but that's all is deep in me. What I would want for 2012? That's good question. I don't know... I must think a little about it. It would be wonderful if I will finish my school and I will go to the university. New year is an occasion to looking for new way on our lives ... We can start everything by new. Let's think about it.
I wish you all a great New Year's Party. So... I gotta go get ready to go out to my friends.

2011-12-28 @ 22:36:41
I had a long break again but for me it's the norm. What are your feelings after Christmas? I must write that I hate this days. Why? Because people, who daily are jealous and false, sitting down at the table and smiling to one another. This is annoying when you know that in wishes there is no truth. Everybody lies, that's true.

Does anyone of you know any movies filmed in London, showing his skyline? I would be grateful ;)

That's all.
Greetings ;) Happy new year!
2011-12-04 @ 16:39:32
So... I wasn't here for a long time. But now I'm here and I'm so happy for this reason. Now I have time for myself and I can write something here.
In a few days we have Santa Claus Day. And 9th December (it's friday) we celebrate this in my class. It's my last Santa Claus Day in school. In next year (if everything will be ok) I will be at University... After all, I like my school. Unfortunately, time is running fast.
I'm sorry but I don't know what I should write here. Would be best if I finish this note. So... cya !

2011-10-31 @ 22:30:51
Today is Halloween ;D Are you happy for this reason ? I have "Nightmare on Elm Street" and I will watch it today. I have popcorn... maybe will be nice? On saturday I was in Łódź. Me, my mom and grandma went to the cementery in Brzeziny. On the way back we were in Manufaktura. Yesterday we had a guests. I was very tired after this weekend. I love to sleep! Today I was with my friend and we had an accident. But all ended well. I think that's all.

Greetings !
2011-10-17 @ 20:53:56
I'm here because I think that by this blog my english will be better. I have matura exam in 2012 and it's my nightmare. I hope you can show me my mistakes and help if I will need that. Ok, maybe now I will writing something about myself?
I'm Kamila. I live in small town in central Poland. But my dream is leave this place and in future live in big city maybe in Poznań? I know, I'm very optimistic, it's funny. My friends laugh at me that I look for a world by pink glasses. Maybe they are right? No matter. I love music. Generally I listen rock and alternative music. I was on Woodstock Festiwal 2011 in Kostrzyn. When I came to the campsite I knew that this place is different at all. great atmosphere bring out of me everything bad and good emotions so this days forever been unforgettable.
Ok, I think I have to finish that note. ;D
I have test tommorow and I must learn.
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