i hope that is my last post
2010-12-15 @ 23:23:44
it will be the last informatic lesson tomorow so i hope i would not have to write that blog still in another term. i don't like doing this. this is annyoing. and in that possitive way i will end my blog.
another wednesday
2010-12-08 @ 23:16:24
this week is horrible. i have a test everyday. but i'm looking forward christmas. there are just a few day to break. now i don'thave a lot of free time but in the naer future i will have it and then i will meet my friends and watch movies all the time. and i will sleep to 11 o'clock, not like tomorrow to 6:30.
2010-12-02 @ 00:24:45
i just came back home. i was on a match between lech poznań and juvetus turyn. it was a draw but poznań get promoted to the next round of tournament, which is a big succes. on a stadium was incredlibly cold, so i'm happy that i'm sitting in a warm room now.
2010-11-24 @ 19:37:44
i'm busy all the time. i have many tests and less time for pleasures. but i was in the cinema and i have watched a new harry potter movie. the film was quite boring for me but i had dood fun with my friends. on friday i.m going to the concert of "strachy na lachy". j hope it will be interesting because i in fact i don't want to go, but i have tickets so i don't have choice.
2010-11-17 @ 19:25:55
this week is a nightmare. really hard topics on lessons, a lot of tests, a lot of homeworks. i don't have time for anything. and i have a test in english and chemistry. i looking forward to weekend. on friday i'm going to the cinema to see new Harry Potter. but earlier i have to do many things and work very hard. so i hope that 2 days will pass quite fast.
2010-11-14 @ 17:05:23
there were a few free days so i haven't time to write anything. no i still don't have time, because i have to do all homework for next week so it will be a short post. on thursday i met my friends and we were playing rockband. it was funny, because we are singing really awful. on friday i was in cinema. today i was watching F1 race and i was really disapointed because i hoped fernando alonso win. he lose. now i want to go to swimmingpool so this is the last sentence.
another wednesday
2010-11-03 @ 23:39:26
today i wasn't at school. i could sleep longer, that is 10. then i ate breakfast and i went to my girlfriend. there we were doing some interesting things, which i would describe, if it wasn't my homework-blog, which will read my teacher. anyway i had great time with my girlfriend and then we went to the swimmingpool. this day was really cool, but now i must doing many stupid things for my school, like writing this, because i didn't have time (read- i was too lazy) to do it earlier. i have to do my english now, so good night for all lucky people, who can go sleep right now.
2010-10-27 @ 22:50:06
i forgot to introduce myself. i think nobody is reading that blog so it is not very important. anyway, i'm wojtek, i'm 16. i live in poznań and i will describe on that blog my simple, boring life, because this is my homework at/on IT classes. So if you accidentlally opened this page enjoy reading about my surviwals and experiences.
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