Birthday :)
2010-10-24 @ 23:37:36
This week was terrible.. :/ I had a lot of test - on Tuesday - physics, on Wednesday - English, on Wednesday - Deutsch. But I think, I will have good marks for this :) This week (new week) will be very, very nice. At first, I am having only 1 test on this week, next, on Friday I am going to go to the cinema with my class. Then, on Sunday it's my 16. birthday (on Halloween! :P) My family are gioing to visit me at the weekend, so I hope, that it will have great time :)
September :)
2010-10-14 @ 22:30:33
It was very nice week. I got good mark on Germany, I had seen with my best friend and we talked a lot :D We are neighbour, but it was first time, that we saw :) On Wednesday I have shortened lessons, then I went on school celebration, cause on Thursday teatchers celebrated their day - Tearcher's Day :)
On Thursday, students had a public holiday. I woke up at 9:00 (wow!), and went shopping. It was very funny day :) I hope, that at this weekend I will have more time for my family and friend, than early, but I know, that I have to learn physics :( And I'm very sad, because I just don't understand this subject...
Start :)
2010-09-24 @ 13:20:40
Today I have started write my blog :) I think, it is a good idea, cause, it will be good for us, our language and our lesssons. It' s interesting, because it's new way of leraning :D
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