2010-07-01 @ 01:20:22
be in with - be in favour with
be beneath sb - be demeaning
be in for it - be about to receive punishment/trouble
be off - (1) cease to want or to be interested in sth (2) be bad/unhealthy [food]
be out - [flowers] be in bloom
have bearing on - have an influence
bear on - be relevant to/affect
act on - do whatever is advised/suggested
act up inf - behave awkwardly or badly/ not work properly
bear with - be patient
all in inf - exhausted
all told - altogether
for all - in spite of
all the same - yet, however
for all I care - I don't care
on account of - because of
on this/that account - for this/that reason
*in the air - it exists, but not talked about
*up in the air - uncertain
clear the air - remove suspicion or bad feeling
be up in arms - be very angry
on the alert - on the look-out; expecting sth

* a mistake might have been made, I dare say it's the other way around than this:
in the air - uncertain
up in the air - it exists, but not talked about
{ That does seem like an exacting task but I shall try ;) }

First of all, it has started again..For the last couple of days I've been feeling it..well, feeling there was something in the air..but couldn't quite nail that one..It got more intense an hour ago..the only good thing to come out of it is that the air has been cleared..Now that I know what it is, it's a lot easier to fight.. I wonder how long this will last..this will definitely bear on me in the bad way..damn! Like I haven't got more important things to deal with ;//
On a more personal note (can this get more personal than that one?):
Tomorrow..well, later today, I'm meeting my boss to discuss stuff..She'd love to put me in the position where I would be in for it so that she could shout at me and be oh-you-disrespected-my-friend-so-I-am-going-to-show-you-your-place-coz-I'm-the-freaking-manager-and-I-can and all that. She would if she could.. I don't act up. I love my job, 'my people' are in with me which definitely makes her and that little bitch up in arms. They can fuck off, for all I care ;) No, I do not like my boss. I think she's a little two-faced cunt..But, all told she's a good boss..in terms of managing the business..
Crap! It is irritating me..my skin..my thoughts..I'm going to be all in before it's over..gotta prepare for the annoyance up in the air..It's going to be a couple of hard days..hope He will bear with me coz I'm going to be unbearable on account of those damned creatures ;/ It's ridiculous that something so tiny so seemingly irrelevant can and does have bearing on me..on my relationship..my behaviour ;/ I've no idea how this could happen again..I feel like puking when I think of what I have to do to get rid of it Gonna be hard few days Crap.Crap.Crap!
{no more ideas..nor willingness..nor strength..}

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