2011-11-28 @ 23:42:22

I regret that I did not write from the beginning, after each day of counting down my absence in the virtual world. With the rest according to the ubiquitously curing the conviction - in real well. I am talking about a popular statement "You do not have Facebook - do not exist then." Well, I exist, still functioning, although it has been full week, since I've deactivated my FB account. After seven days, I can say that I am slowly beginning to get used to the process of alienation. This process is a paradox, because no one and nothing ever gripped me as much as the portal and has not contributed to this I felt so foreign to itself. I had been a Facebook user for almost two years. Beginning with the gradual widening circle of friends, the other absorbing tasks like creating albums of your own photos, build your own profile by "like" profiles of your favorite artists, brands, people of film, etc. ending with a sense of utter perdition of time in all the actions famous for this site. Just a few months ago, if someone told me that I will resign from the use of my account - i'd laugh him/her in face. "You must be kidding me! I would have to leave it all to gain time? What actually would I do? And it is impossible to live without Facebook in today's world, isn't it? I can't imagine that. But...ther're all my friends, two years removed from my life, all the news and rumors, here I might quickly and without a major hardship - contact with my friends, view photos, comment on posts. There is still something going on, I wouldn't forgive yourself if I missed it. Shared links, music - is there a better way to look at the tastes of my friends?". It's just a part of the argument that I would post under column "Benefits of being on Facebook". Turning to friends, in my case, the number rose to nearly seven hundred. It was not the case, I did not accept every invitation/friend request that was sent to me. Every single person on the list - I've talked to at least once. Maybe not everyone individually... but on the street, I'd gave my hand to almost everyone. I am a sociable person and that society conformed me. So why this so friendly to my disposition mechanism, destroyed me so much that I touched the bottom? Many would say that this is a big exaggeration. But not me. You would have to be in my shoes to understand. I think that addiction is an addiction just as powerful as alcoholism or drug addiction. From the top, I'd like to emphasise that I am making generalizations. By creating this note, I'm not modeling on any one user of Facebook, the large majority - but mainly on my own experiences. I assume that everything is for people. Everything, but in restraint. But I' ve already lost it a good half a year ago. If it was not a piece of common sense, workouts , people close to me (although sometimes I paid no heed to them) - i'd go into this addicition of such an extent that I wouldn't be going out from home. The fact that I am addicted, I knew a long time. Not once considered the deletion of my account, but each time the thoughts were ended. In this case, how did I manage to do this? It was an impulse, second ... although supported by several observations. I was not sure that in a moment I will not return there, for clarity: I still don't know. Among other things, why I am writing this note to the time when the misses me for my "character" - to remind yourself why I gave up and in order to realize some readers invisible to the 'naked eye' about the consequences of their use of this site. This tool is programmed like an alcoholic mind. Although you know of something you give up and fight with addiction, there is always a chance that once again you'll reach for the bottle. Don't you see the similarities between "With me? You won't drink with me?" And "What's with you? You want to delete your Facebook account? Who will share links on my wall and chatt with me? ". Both situations are just to provoke consideration of sense of isolation is so harmless, universally recognized and functioning only for the benefit of the environment. Meanwhile, it is a mere blur definitions.

To be continued...
2011-10-02 @ 19:25:20
Well, I think it's time to forget about barriers and a pressure from surrounding. I will be blogging there, just for myself like in a diary. But of course, it'd be nice if some of you read my notes and share your opinions.
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