Hello Everybody
2012-09-05 @ 20:50:10
Hello people ;)

That's first post so i should introduce myself.
So ;) My name's Paulina, i'm from Cracow or if someone wants Kraków.
I'm 15 years old. And i realy love ENGLISH.
I thought that i would start writing on blog, to get some practise in writing.
For 8 years i was student of English school,which i really loved <3
I really miss speaking in English, in our normal school mostly we speak in Polish ;/
I'm trying to speak as best as i could.
I've got a dream that when i would finish high school in Poland i would Study abroad, and i want to live abroad, not in Poland.
We'd see in a few years what's going to be with my plans.
I hope that my dreams come true. (HOPE)

If you would find some mistakes, please let me know, cause i want to parctise writing. ;)

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