Get to know me:)
2010-10-05 @ 19:06:11
I am new please overlook for my mistakes, but if you can correct me:) I will try :) I will be practising descriptions and letters

Hi! I'm Dominika. I'm thirteen years old. I'm from Wadowice in the south of Poland. My friend is Kaja. She is very funny.
My shool is called Zespół Szkół nr 1. There are twenty-six children in my class. My teacher is Mr Stradomski. We have our lessons in big classroms. There are a lot of pictures on the walls.
My fauvorite subject is English, but I like Maths too. I like these subject, as very interesting.
I like my shool very much, becouse is unusual.

Now, description of my appearance :)

I am young person. I'm short and slim with long black hair and big brown eyes. I have the full mouth and small nouse.
I sometimes stretcher glasses, but more often contact lenses. I'm a very clever student :)(joke, but who knows!:))

There are four people in my family: my father, my mother, my brather and me. My brother name is Szymon. He's five years old. He is very noisy. He have got very big brown eyes and long eyelashes. My mother working at the court. Her name's Kasia. She's got short straight and black hair and she's very kindle. My father, Robert, is a doctor. He's small and very clever.

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