aj em biutiful :]
2007-10-16 @ 17:36:32
halo :], it is raining today :( it hasn,t raining for almost 2 weeks. i was in he shop because i want to buy an umbrella (4 pounds) and one old lady told me in the nearby shop are cheper umbrellas (2.99 pounds)and she went straight to the shop :]. one pound - big saver :D the elderly are very nice and helpful in uk.
one time old lady asked me about pink bag. she wanted to know if it went with her jacket :].
however i am allergic to UK :( i cry every day and something goes wrong. i am scared because i don't know what going on. i am very nerwous. i bought some pills with extract of valerian but they did't help me :(. if my boyfriend wasn't here with me i will go crazy. life's got sweet and bitter taste ;)white and black colour ;) but they are never mixed. life hasn't got grey colour because it will be boring :D

in my work there is some guy and we thouht he is a gey :P yesterday he sang the Kristina Agilera's song " i am beutiful" ;) and he is always looking at man in canteen ;)
i don't have nothing aganist geys but this men is lazy and he doing nothing and i must work when he is standing and looking at my boyfried's ass ;)
we don't have any toilet in Poland:P
2007-10-15 @ 20:25:37
hi :] i'm so tired and lazy that i haven't written since 2 days. weekend was so short and so fast.
yesterday i was in work. i went to the toilet and i saw something written on the wall behind the toilet. it was awful. someone made black frames around the inscriptions. in two toilets was some poo. one of the inscriptions said: "b a s t a r d s , s h i t e r s , m a k e s h i t i n y o u r c o u n t r y " i don't know who wrote that inscriptions. it was very unpleasant and upset. i work in a warehouse which is quite common and well known all over Europe.
UK is not the 9 cloud :)

hovever there are many nice people who respect you :]

only some people are intolerant

beginnings ;)
2007-10-12 @ 18:11:31
hi :] i live in uk, but i am from polad
firstly i would like apologise for my english :D
i have learnt english for many years but my skills are still very poor, but it doesn't matter (i hope :P)
friday is my favoruite day. i work on niht shift so i wake up on 3-4 pm :D But today i must wake up at 2 because my boyfried and his friend went to an airport. he is waiting for MPC 1000 (just don't ask) which he bought from e-bay. now i'm sitting on bed and i am so bored that i'm writting this blog (but it is very nice).
what is more, when he was leaving he said that he would be hungry when he came back :] (i decided to be lazy womam. i won't cook!).
i can't go to take a bath because i'm waiting for a courier :P silly . i forget, when i was waking up my bad colapsed :( (i hate english furniture)
to sum up i think that is a very lucky day ;)

mylife is boring , i came to englad 4 months ago. i study psychology in poland but now i got one year off. i was in englad on previous holliday too. when i came first time i don't have any house and job :D it was crazy. but stupid people are lucky so after 2 weeks i found a job. i worked in factory and i produced food (do you know what is in your yougurt :P ) heh one time my friend had a runny nose and everything from his nose went to a cups with yogurt ;) delicoius.

ok :] i think that it is a very long post :] and if it is linger nobody won't read my blog ;)
i hope that there will be at least one person who would like to read my blog :D:D if you are reading it you are this person :D lot of kises ;D

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