2014-06-23 @ 21:20:46
Due to I have strong need to write I will write about everything. I hope this blog will help me to improve my language because I am not a geek and do not like learning grammar. I like to learn new vocabulary but nor grammar. So, I want to believe that because this page I will be more precise and I will be able to perceive my mistakes. I have problems with remembering about endings including -s in the third person. But I working on it. I have finished writing my thesis so I could see what types of errors I make and I am trying to improve it. I hope I am on the right way.
stories from childhood.
2014-06-23 @ 20:57:21
When I was a little girl I have always been naive and believed in everything what my older siblings said. I am the youngest so they always abused it. I suppose everyone once or twice believed that he or she was adopted. I was told by my sister that I was. Can you imagine how frightened I was. It is too cruel. But it was only one of her nasty jokes. Once, she gave me to taste baking powder as it was a vanilla sugar. It was awful. On the other hand, my brother gave me to try a seed of mustard. Blee. Since than I hate mustard. I remember lots of more but I will write them some other time. Maybe...
2014-06-23 @ 20:42:06
Due to no one knows me here I would like to complain on my thesis promoter. I wanted to have my thesis defence in July but of course because his inefficiency I am forced to have my defence in September... :/ I only hope it will not lock me the door to get in on my MA studies.
the dragoness which drives me crazy
2014-06-22 @ 23:23:36
The dragoness which I mention in the title is my neighbour. She smokes all the time and I can't open my window freely. I'm really sick of it. Wrrr.
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