2012-12-23 @ 21:28:30
I haven't written for ages! ;D

Christmas are coming! Merry Christmas for everyone! I wish you happiness and peace in the new year...



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bored ;d
2012-02-19 @ 19:44:36
I've just taken a shower. I must go to school tomorrow so I cant write for a long time.

Everything's Ok with me. One thing: Some girls are really stupid. Yeah, well. Not all of course ;d

The worst day in my life...
2012-02-14 @ 19:52:45
not today :c
2012-02-12 @ 03:09:01
Could you do me a favour?

Please click in this link:

Thank you so much! It's quite important 4me ;D
Valentine's Day is comin'!
2012-02-12 @ 02:50:21
Valentine's Day is comin'!

Wow, everything turned around in my life... ;D
Now, I know. I love her ;d (again or maybe still?)

Now I'm waitin what tomorrow will give me...

2012-02-07 @ 18:03:06
What's up?

I'm sorry that I haven't written since last post but I was learning. I must go to school tomorrow so I'm learning right now too. Well teachers shouldn't give us as much homework.

And I looked at eues my last girlfriend again. It's really strange. I'm fed up with her ;D

! winter !
2012-02-01 @ 14:11:19
I'm sad cuz nobody wants to comment my blog post. ;/

I've waited for very long time on bus stop. It's very, very cold... ;/ -20*C 0.o

Hi! :*
2012-01-30 @ 12:58:25
How are u? I hope that you're fine... How am I? Well, I'm sleepy and bored ;/ I've got winter holidays, but I stayed at home...

'Run around just so I don't have to think about thinking...'

One thing-music-treats me now :)
I love listening songs by Amy Winehouse, Kanye West and Rihanna too!
Mmm... I'm swaying in the rythms of 'Valerie' and 'Wake up alone'.

Now, take it easy man! No... it's quite OK now.

I must finish :/

Bye! and c u soon!

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