2011-03-16 @ 10:23:32
Beautiful weather!!!

Spring came and we are very happy. With the advent of spring, everybody comes to life...We like this time of year.

We have a lot of work, but despite this we are able to enjoy the spring and her first signs. Everything around us is colourful and amazing. The sun is shining and the sky is cloudless.
Something about us
2011-02-02 @ 10:33:08
Hi everyone!
It`s our first post, but we will try to write every week.

I`m Weronika and I was born in Pułtusk. I'm fifteen. I`m interesed in volleyball. I like going to party every week. I love dancing.

My name is Marta. I was born in Pultusk too. I like listening to music and reading books. I don`t like Maths. I`m interested in learning languages.

We hope that you will visit our blog often.
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