2009-12-16 @ 22:21:06
I like to walk for school, but I do not like as teachers assign home tasks a lot. Geography is my favorite object. I like to learn world on map very and culture of people, there which live. Landscape interest me from different very world part. Objects mum also, I do not like which. There is such object physicist.
I do not understand this object in spite of, that it tests to apprehend him.
My Hobby
2009-12-16 @ 22:11:04
Shopping is my hobby and meeting with familiar sie. Really, it causes amenity me. I like to make photos also and walk with dog on walk. My life is full surprises, so, never I bore sie. I love my life :D:D:D :):)

2009-12-16 @ 22:05:51
I was with dominica to last weekend at my dad. My dad lives in Witoldzin. There is locality circle Szamotuły or Kiekrz. There we have gone friday evening, but we have returned to knowledge Poznan to sunday afternoon. There there was ridiculously xD We made photos and we played the fool. We ran with our dog after yard and we commuted cycle :D
2009-12-16 @ 21:54:08
But it and my friend of dominica.
Vacations 2009

C:\Documents and Settings\max\Pulpit\jaaaa.JPG
My dog!
2009-12-16 @ 21:51:30
There is my dog! Has on name Hugo and two months has only. He (it) is pretty (beautiful) and wise!
C:\Documents and Settings\max\Pulpit\DOGGGG.JPG
2009-12-16 @ 21:30:15
I spent vacations at my dad 2009 mainly, as there a lot familiar mum. There my friend of dominica has arrived for I also. We walked on beaches daily and there we were near 5-6 hours, but we faced each other with familiar later. I was with family to vacations over sea too. There I have spent week. My uncles were, aunts, cousins, cousins - whole family. I was with my family friend on vacations of theses. We were in Chojno. There whole family was on vacations. There there was very ridiculously. I would like in order to my vacations were planes curious in year 2010.

My friends
2009-12-16 @ 21:07:57
My friend has on name Dominica.
She is high, slim, wise and funny. She has funny ideas a lot. We sleep at often and we laugh a lot.
We like to make photos case together and walk for center business. There we spend outsized time. We are often in KFC. We order for feed always "Longer menu".

2009-12-16 @ 20:30:56
Hmmm... There was in school today 10 only, as the rest was on excursion in berlin.
There was in school great, because they did not ask teachers, but we observed movie on history.
I would like have such lessons every day! :D
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