2007-09-18 @ 10:48:20
Sorry people! I'm too sad to write more now... Don't know.. I'll continue "LATER"...
Worst Memories ( before ) - part two
2007-09-09 @ 19:12:35
What's up !?

I decited to focus on things that are more... present. But it doesn't mean that I'm not going to bore you more, =P. I want to say something more about my PAST. Let's say - I'll make it shorter...

Mateusz was my best friend for about 4 years... On 5th year of our education ( I suppose, because of my behaviour ) we stopped meeting... even talking! He found new pal named Michał. It was strange...
I don't even remember how it came to this!.
On 6th year of our education Mateusz's father died [*] - that was horrible experience for me! But as I said I was too stupid to understand it all!

In the meantime I started a friendship with guy named Paweł. He was cool! He played better jokes than Mateusz, I loved spending brakes with him. We also sat by one desk... Man! You can't even imagine how much I liked him!
(I still hope to meat him again one day!)

But as always in my life things started to go wrong. It was caused by some small, stupid moron named Marek - he also found a good friend in Paweł. But he wanted to play in duet with him not in triplet with us both.
His strategy was to make fun of people! Firstly Mateusz was his victim. Marek was doing many awful things to him: he called him plenty of names, one time he just spilled full cup of joghurt at him...I couldn't stand him! But untill he wasn't doing it to me, I just didn't want to become his victim too. I was really afraid of him!

Marek was confident, could say something about you that everyone was laughing, he was a dodger ( but he was very short and fat =P, no matter! I was afraid). OK,I suppose that one day Marek realised I was his enemy on the way to have Paweł for his own use. He started making fun of me, my cheap clothes, he was making fun of my parents, and brother... ( SON OF A B...!!!! )... ok, I have to say that my parents didn't have much money ( they don't have much of it nowadays too, but somehow I don't have to complain on my clothes, on food, generally on my life conditions... it's OK) ...and it hurt me a lot! Then I realised pretty quickly that I have to be "rich" in future, so my children wouldn't have to feel the same pain as I did!

I didn't want to give up! I decited to stand it just for Paweł's friendship. We stayed friends with Pawel untill the end of school. I even started thinking that Paweł at least had enough of this small bustard... But I was wrong!

Paweł liked football ( I didn't, and do not now ) and I wanted to spend some time with him next day, so I called him phone and asked if he would like to come with me on a special festival connected with OUR(city) football team - he said YES!

Next day there was a "LAST MEETING" (at the end of primary school) of our classmates on a pitch near the school, we played football for 1,5 hour. And aftr that Paweł just walked away with this small MO&*$#5^^$ER, 'stead of coming with me! I couldn't stand the pain that hit me! I started crying! - first time not because of "lack of a cookie"...

I ran away! That was the worst experience I ever had before! That was like bomb explosion inside me! I had to wake up from a child's dream... It was very serious! From this time my life changed! I become resenful... I started observing world, THINKING a lot about things like: life, frienship, familly, education, money ...other.

To be continued...
Worst Memories ( before ) - part one
2007-09-08 @ 20:42:17
But maby I'll find some therapy in sharing it with You...
...I wanna tell you about the past.

I was a "normal" boy as many boys in our primary school... (oh, OK! There was smalll difference between us, no matter!). As everyone I had a best friend - his name was Mateusz.
I've known him before - we were on the same camping vacation one summer.
He was fantastic, he had all the toys I ever wanted to have. He was funny (I loved his jokes), we were always asmiled. I liked his parents too, especially his mother - she was fantastic mother, always ready to help, always had humor, and gave us many delicious cookies, candies and other sweets... I didn't know his father well, but he was a pleasant man with a funny bread and glasses, he was always asmailed (as we were).
Me and Mateusz played together long hours using his car models and LEGO blocks, later also some computer games. When school started we had sat together by one desk on classes... That was fantastic time! I was never worried about nothing...
(There was nothing to TRUELY worry about...)

...But the only thing I remember about me from childhood is that I was very, very materialistic, stupid, I didn't care about our friendship (as I would do today)...


OK, I have to end writing up today. Please forgive me my mistakes - I'm still learning. I promise I'll continue later!
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