2014-02-14 @ 19:50:57
Hi Guys ! I don't add any post many time because I was had a family problem. Sorry I goodbye. This is my last post on this page. Bye, Bye :*
2014-02-14 @ 19:48:58
Yesterday I have a disco
2014-02-14 @ 19:48:25
On a rural road a state trooper pulled a man over and said: "Sir, do you realize your wife fell out of the car several miles back?"
To which the man replied: "Thank God, I thought I had gone deaf!"
2014-02-14 @ 19:47:45
A guy found a sheep and showed him to a policeman.

The policeman said, `Take that sheep to the zoo, now.`

Next day the policeman sees the man with the sheep again.

The policeman stops the guy and says, `What on earth are you doing with that sheep?`

The guy says, `What is there to do? Yesterday I took him to the zoo and now I`m taking him to the movies.`
2014-02-14 @ 19:47:02
Jesus Christ is dying on the cross, his disciples are gathered around, crying. Peter looks up and notices that Jesus seems to be calling him, `Peter, come hither!` Immediately Peter rushes over to the cross, only to be hit severely over the head by the roman guard. He gets on his feet again and wants to return to the other disciples when he hears Jesus calling again, `Peter, come hither!` So, again Peter tries to climb the cross to get to his lord, when the roman soldier draws his sword and chops Peter`s arm off. Peter is getting a little pissed and wants to go back to his buddies, but again Jesus summons. The roman guard can`t believe that Peter is trying yet AGAIN to climb to the cross, and chops off another arm. Peter is now covered in blood and demented from the blow to the head and wants to call it a day. Jesus hoarsly croaks, `Peter, please, come to me!` By now, the roman gurad is tired of chopping limbs, so he lets Peter be. The faithful disciple struggles to climb the cross (without arms mind you) and after a long while he finally arrives at his Lord`s side. Hurting, suffering, bleeding, Peter looks into his Master`s eyes and asks, `yes, my Lord. What is it?` Jesus smiles lovingly and looks off into the distance as a weak smile plays across his face, `Look Peter, I can see your house from here!
2014-02-14 @ 19:46:21
A Polish, English, and French guy are running away from the German soldiers when they come up to a forest and they decide to hide by each climbing a tree.

When the Germans arrive, they go to the first tree where the English guy is, and shout, `We know you`re up there; come down.` The English guy, thinking fast, says, `Tweet, tweet, tweet...`

The Germans, thinking that it`s a bird, move on to the next tree where the French guy is and once again shout, `We know you`re up there; come down.`

The French guy, thinking fast, says, `Hoot, Hoot, Hoot...` The Germans, thinking that it`s an owl, move on to the next tree where the Polish guy is and once again shout, `We know you`re up there; come down.`

The Polish guy thinks for a while and then says, `Moo, moo, moo...`
2014-02-14 @ 19:45:47
-Are the car indicators working?
- Yes,no,yes,no,yes,no
2014-02-14 @ 19:45:15
Q: If Atlas supported the world on his shoulders, who supported Atlas ?
A: His wife !
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