Valentine's Day
2014-02-14 @ 20:35:50
Hello everybody, today is Valentine's Day. I did not get any Valentine's Day cards ;( But nothing has happened, today was a very nice day :) 3 lessons we watched movies. Then I went to my friend, was very good ;) I wish you all lots of love on Valentine's Day ♥♥♥
Hi :)
2014-02-14 @ 20:20:55
Yesterday we had dances for PE, Yesterday I was wondering if I have to go to disco. I went to the disco and it was not fun ;( Because I can not dance and I'm ashamed to dance in public ;/ This was my first disco in the school year, I probably will not go to the next school disco. At the disco I liked the two angels Valentine :D haha They were really funny ;)
Hi :)
2014-02-12 @ 19:19:45
Today was a very good day :) I got 4 of geography. We did a project today and we got a good estimation ;) Today, in our school was a probation officer and had us lessons showing what people are punished, we learned very interesting things ;)
Hi :)
2014-02-11 @ 18:47:00
Today was a bad day :( My stomach hurt at school and I came back home early. We in the physical education lessons have prepared a room for fun Valentine's Day ;)
What will you do on Valentine's Day? :*
Hi :D
2014-02-10 @ 18:17:50
When I was walking to school it was raining even though it was 5 degrees Celsius, I really don't like the rain. Beyond this was a very nice day ;) I got 4 of reciting poem, I said flawlessly but I was very stressed.
Hi :)
2014-02-08 @ 20:29:52
Today I cleaned the room and we had to go with my dad go ice skating rink but melted to ;( The rink we go tomorrow ;) I watched the Olympic Games, justyna kowalczyk took 6th place in the race. I must to write you about it just in case though you do not have a TV ;D Then I learned to row on memory and ate ice cream ;*
Hi ;)
2014-02-07 @ 18:48:44
Today was a very nice day. Yesterday I learned to row on the memory, but I could not remember it -,-
Fortunately, our teacher translated it to us on Monday ;D I hope that I'll teach up to at least 4;) On the other Polish lessons we decorated the room for Valentine's Day ;) For physical education lessons again we were on a walk ;)
When I got home I regained my homework and I learned to row. Now I watch the Winter Olympics in Sochi ;) The opening of the Olympic Games is a very nice and impressive ;) We will cheer our compatriots of Polish at the Olympics ;* ♥♥
2014-02-06 @ 19:21:14
Today on the first lesson we went for a walk ;) Overall today was very good.;)
Hi :)
2014-02-06 @ 19:16:44
Yesterday was Wednesday, one of the worst days of the week -,- Fortunately it was not bad. On the lessons of history we watched a movie ;)
Hi :)
2014-02-04 @ 19:25:22
Physical education today we were on a walk, it was fun ;) Now I learned European states and their capitals ;) I think that I got a good estimation.
Spring is coming ♥♥
Hi :)
2014-02-03 @ 19:01:02
Today I came home after 8 lessons, I do not like long stay in school -,- Today my class for the first time this year was education classes for family life. Then I stayed on the additional computing lessons and I finished HTML ;
) Now I'm at home, I've done my homework and learned everything. I look through facebook, listen to music and looking for a nice pictures for'' zszywka'' ;)
I love it ;* ♥♥♥♥♥

Bruno ♥
2014-02-02 @ 10:56:40
Photo from yesterday's walk ;)
Hi :)
2014-02-02 @ 10:40:08
Yesterday I did not write on the blog so today I have to write 2 posts :o Saturday I was on a walk with Bruno. I made him beautiful photos, he always comes out nicely in pictures ^^.
Good evening ;)
2014-01-31 @ 19:18:05
Today was a nice day, Today, our group got 5 out of play scenes from ''Romeo and Juliet'' ;D Our teacher really liked all the scenes;) I went home after 5 lessons and then went shopping with my dad ;) Yesterday I was very happy because I have downloaded from the internet song I was waiting for 5 months ;) when I walked to school I listened to it all the time ♥♥ You will not believe what I did when I left for school, I do not know how I did it but I pulled the gate off its hinges :D hahaha. Fortunately grandfather fix it.
I wish you good night ;* perfect gift for Valentine's Day ;D
2014-01-30 @ 18:09:55
Today was a long day -,- I got home after 8 lessons. Tomorrow we present a scene from Romeo and Juliet in front of the whole class.Now I look through facebook and listen to music.
2014-01-29 @ 20:30:08
Today was a nice day, most people in my class went on a school trip in the class were very few people. today I watched an old photo of my Holy Communion, they were so small and funny:D hahahaha
I really bored and fried omelet with bananas but unfortunately it burned :D I'll be trying until you fry tasty. It is very cold and windy but I do not have to get up very early tomorrow :)
Will soon be Friday and I'll be going to buy myself some clothes, I hope that I would buy yourself something nice ;*
2014-01-28 @ 19:23:17
Meanwhile in Jamaica! *.* ♥♥
2014-01-28 @ 17:04:04
Today was a very good day I got 4 in English ;) I got up very late, and I thought that I was late for school, fortunately, I managed to come in ahead of time ;) I wrote my homework and I now listen to music;)
I do not want to go to school tomorrow because I have computer classes which I hate it : /
Hello ;)
2014-01-27 @ 10:06:20
Today I did not go to school because my stomach hurts ;D Today is the birthday of my sister's cousin ;)
2014-01-27 @ 09:44:08
I had a great birthday;) I was with my dad at the cinema on the film ''Paranormal activity''. We went to see a little old daughter my aunt;) She is very cute and tiny.
Hello ;)
2014-01-24 @ 21:46:59
Today I had a good day ;) My aunt gave birth to a daughter today;D She namie is Marcelina. Tomorrow is my birthday, I hope that something good will happen ;)My dad definitely take me somewhere and we'll have fun :*
Hello ;)
2014-01-23 @ 17:52:48
Today was a good day, we have not practiced for physical education, and we had no chemistry lesson ;) I didn't give up and daily I do crunches and sit-ups ;) Tuesday we go to the movies on a school trip ;) Certainly will be very good.
Grandfather's Day
2014-01-22 @ 19:08:59
Hi, today was a long day, I really don't like Wednesday -,- I tomorrow I go to school at 9 o'clock :) You don't forget to make a wish grandpa;*
Grandma's day!
2014-01-21 @ 19:00:13
Today is a day of grandmother :) We wish good health all grand mothers ;) Today was a good day, It's cold and snow but i I'm glad the snow. I can't wait for the winter holidays;) Now I looking facebook and I eating sheep cheese ♥
2014-01-20 @ 17:22:36
Today's the day I'll leave without comment.
and here's one of my favorite songs ♥♥♥♥
Snow ♥
2014-01-19 @ 18:19:16
Who enjoys the snow? Hopefully it will snow on winter holiday;) Today in my village was 4 degrees below 0 ;) My dog ​​really enjoyed the snow ;)
2014-01-19 @ 17:55:29
I learned today. Now I sit and look through facebook :O From today I begin exercises, because we again this year in the holidays we are going to Hungary to the water park ;D I have the motivation to do exercise. Keep your fingers for my willpower ;)
2014-01-18 @ 20:38:11
Today was a very nice day ;D I was at a party and I had fun. In a future Saturday is my birthday and and I already got beautiful gifts, thanks girl;* Today was Anna's birthday, we wish her ​​all the best ♥♥♥
2014-01-17 @ 19:37:46
Today is hopeless -,- Besides it rains all the time. I bought a birthday gift and I got it over with. I did not do homework today because I do not want, today is Friday ;) Was snow in the morning and already melted. Now only the rain.
Hello :*
2014-01-16 @ 16:53:02
Today I again spent half a day at school -,- . Fortunately tomorrow Friday.;) And on Saturday I will go to a birthday party of my friend. I don't know what to buy her a gift. Have any ideas?;) someone is on a diet? ;D♥
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