Busy week
2009-04-30 @ 22:36:35
This week is very busy.
I work as shop assistant. This is Polish Shop. Together with me work another Polish Girl. She is gone to Poland. And I have more work. But I'm happy, because now is very hard find some job. Sometimes I have much fun in my job. But sometimes, like in this week, I work very hard.
I like my job. I like meet new people, talk with they. I like make some good for people. I'm happy if somebody come and it is happy, because here is some cheapest or some product is just in this shop:)

I go to sleep. Tomorrow is next busy day. I need a power:)

Bye :)
2009-04-21 @ 02:09:12
I'm Viola. It's my first note. I'm 23 years old and I live in UK. I wanted to improve my English and meet new Friends:)

See you later!
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