Jak wyobrażam sobie swoją przyszłość ?
2014-04-08 @ 16:58:14
I'd like to showcase own notion at my the future .
I should like to be a journalist and write articles for the newspaper . I like to create Develop on Interesting topics , Meet extraordinary people And discover new traditions . I 'm depends on Visiting many countries and Teaching is a smooth talking after English and German. But in addition I would like to have your career corner, to which I will be able to return every day.
I think that this work will help meet me my dreams.
Is it worth dreaming?
2014-03-29 @ 15:30:01
Each of us is different , so we have other dreams . I think we should dream , because it is our duty .
Better pull your dreams out of head and take iit in your hands , because see better how come true
lazy morning
2014-03-08 @ 11:34:44
Oh ....I get-up at this hour :) How do you cut through the morning?
2014-03-07 @ 18:03:11
1.My name is Victoria .
2.I live in Poland and I'm proud of it . <3
3.I have obsession shopping .
4.I like animals .
5.I'm an optimist .
6. I often think about the future .
7. Every day , drinking tea and this is my habit which can not be cured.
8.I'm a latecomer .
9.I love to sleep <3
10.I think that people do not change just show the other face .
11.I'm daughter daddy .
12.I love my dog <3 :***
13.Your opinion me not Touches :P
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