Sorry !
2007-12-17 @ 18:26:46
I'm really sorry. I forgot about my website. As always i had other things. Like my school marks. But come true.:) And i don't know what to say. Maybeas i said i want to be serious and reliable.
I always wanted to have an english blog. And now my dreams something about me. I'm very ambitious person. Sometimes i think that too much ambitious. I get to many things at the same time and that's my problem.
Now i'm listening to something which i can't tell about. It's something which will be helpful for my confidence. ;)
See you ;)
First Post - Welcome ;)
2007-12-09 @ 02:15:26
Hello. I would like to welcome everyone. I also would like to sorry for my poor english. But i'm learning so i think, someday i'll be better then i'm now :) Hope is the only thing which left for me :). And practise, practise and practise once again :) So Propably i'll post everyday or more. See you soon ;)

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