Merry Christmas!
2009-12-24 @ 13:43:55

Today Christmas Eve xD. Yesterday I decorated the Christmas tree with parents. Today I was on the shopping with the sister. We bought presents.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

2009-12-08 @ 23:11:33
A long time ago I wrote nothing.So...
Today I went to school on 8:20.I had 4 lessons ;D
On Polish the teacher gave us a hiding.Massacre!
Tomorrow I have the test in English.I hope for the best ;)
I have obtained 5 of physics ;)

From Asia I got the huge poster Marilyn Monroe and very much I like him ;)
the poster is shit-hot

Ok I am going to bed ;D
Everything is all right ;D
2009-12-06 @ 11:36:13
Yesterday I was with the friend at the cinema at the film ''new moon''.
I bought the plate for myself ''The fame monster'' and all the time her I am listening.
I have much homework.massacre!!!.
Tomorrow I have the test in physics.I know a little but I hope for the best ;DD.On Wednesday I have the test in English ;)
Okay, I am finishing because it is necessary to learn ;/
Cool day
2009-12-01 @ 23:08:47
A long time ago I wrote nothing.So...
Today I went to school on 7:30.I had 5 lessons. On Polish I had the test from the acquaintance of the reading. Then I stayed for dinner at school. I got back home, I did my homework, I slept,and I went with friends to one of them. We played cards and we gossiped ;)
Tomorrow I am going to the school on 12: 40. I am finishing about 17: 45. massacre!! but I will withstand ;D
All the time I am listening to songs: ''alejandro'' and ''bad romance'' I love these songs!! ;)
Recently in the class we did the voting and I am buying the present for Asia and she for me xD
So on Saturday we are going for the shopping;)
We are planning also a cinema ;)
I wrote at length xD
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