25th June
2012-06-25 @ 17:23:07
Hello bloggers!
At first I decided to write about Euro 2012. I wanted to write my opinions about Polish team and their playing, but I realized that nobody wants to read the same again. What was the reason of my idea?
I've read this interview. It appears in today's Newsweek. But before I bought newspaper I had heard a part of this article in morning TV programme "Wstajesz i wiesz". By the way I love this programme and I like Jarosław Kuźniar very much. It's my favourite way to spend morning - a cup of coffee, tasty breakfast and TVN24 ;).
Nevertheless you can read about footballers' behaviour, their free time and (the most important for me) feelings. I was about to cry when I was reading it and imagine all situations, which were described. It was really touching because I haven't found any article just like this one. So I recommend everybody to read the whole interview when it appears.
Today I'm going to study English for my tutoring and tidy my room. I hope I find time for newspaper and coffee.
Take care little friends!
[It's funny that I haven't made anyone yet.]

Thank you for your comment on my blog! ;) I like reading 'Newsweek' too- there are lots of interesting articles in it. I'm not a big fan of football but I've been keeping my fingers crossed for Polish team. It's a pity that they lost...

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