anger or desire to come back...?
2008-05-30 @ 01:56:20
I noticed how often I don't want to admitt my real feelings, I do really miss my little motherland but insted of letting myself down and spend another evening drinking, eating an crying with homesickness I expalin myself it's better, not only for myself...a bit complicated...It's all about replacing the most difficult feeling with them that are so convinient....How bad is that....:(
wish were different person?
2008-05-28 @ 23:57:27
I realised how often I hate myself so much for being ME. I do really like watching people, I am very good at details, like to judge them, just for myself, and place in the right 'draw'. Among that, I don't like myself but like everybody else. It's the key to being happy isn't? how to fell in love in myself?
the dark side of OUR nature
2008-05-19 @ 23:38:10
can you say what would u do in one particular situation?... I said so and find out something interesting... something made me really think about human nature. It's unpredictable...
comin' back
2008-05-19 @ 23:33:12
it's all about leaving and comin' back. That's all. it's mostly caused by these that cannot be easily described. it's all my emotion that I experience every day ,that I even suprised about its range. I know women are weird but they don't realise they doing it, are they?... I do...happy, excited, down and up again. and that;s why Life is long I got my aim, and follow my guidelines. as long I don't brake that moral guidelines that are inside....
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