another day
2008-04-25 @ 01:21:21
I know, i am not very constant in my notes.. that's me.:) ok, and this time I'am not going another promise..:)
Nothing changed. I am few days older, was crying a bit more than usual. I can really say what I am doing. It's inside me, I just can't get rid of that. I still don't know what actually make me behave like that. A bit of selfish, thinking about myself as the only one on this f... world. There is one sure thing I can say about that. This i sa good explanation...yes! that help me stay 'normal' for another few days, or maybe weeks. I know it'll come back. If so, I'll find another explanation..............

Everybody sometimes is selfish. me too
hey, what made you so rebellious? What happen? Why don't you just look at the bright side of life? World can be beutiful. It's just the matter on how you look at it and with whom you're spending your time. Maybe it's the fault of people around you? Don't say so. I'm so sad because of you. Cheer up. I like when people around me are smiling :)
One wild smile for you :D


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