stylish holidays!!
2015-06-14 @ 22:37:38
Hi everybody!! This chapter will be interesting especially for girls, I think. Why?? ‘Cause I would like to tell you about clothes you should wear in the summer!! Ok, I won’t be a liar; I’m not very conversant in this subject, so I’ll just tell you, what I like wear on the holidays. Firstly; shorts. I love it, and I hate skirts (but skirts can be so practical when it’s hot). Most of summer time I wear shorts and T-shirts; loose and comfortable. Best if they’ve got funny or clever inscription; it’s perfect T-shirt for me ;) But sometimes you should look elegant. What then?? I told you, that I hate skirts. Alright; but I didn’t tell you anything about dresses!! They look so pretty and they’re very airy; this is very important while it’s scorching hot ;) Best if dress look romantic and girly; it makes you beautiful. What about haircut for the summer?? Long, dense hair are very burdensome. I really like comb them in bun, plait or pigtail; then they not bother. And, well, now I don’t know what tell you. I am not very conversant with girls’ mode, but on boys’ mode I don’t know anything… I can just tell you, what I like; simply shorts (maybe jeans) and T-shirt is enough for me :p

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