Holidays diet!!
2015-06-14 @ 22:16:56
Hello!! Now I would like to tell you about diet on holidays. You know; it’s hot, you want to wear shorts and short T-shirts or simply swimsuits; then it’s nice to be fit. But it isn’t only thing, why good diet is important. When the temperature is very, very high, you’re not very, very hungry ;) But you must eat; it’s a fact. So what you can do?? I advise you to eat fruits like strawberries, oranges, peaches, etc. You don’t have to eat it “ for sharply”. You can do salads, smoothies, etc. You’ve got here one of prescription on a salad of fruits:

Fruit salad paradise - the ingredients
1 can peaches
4 large apples
3 ripe bananas
0.5 l thick yogurt
1 tablespoon sugar

Fruit salad paradise - how to prepare
Two mash bananas and sugar in mixer plump mass. Add the yoghurt and half the syrup from the peaches. Peel apples, cut into small pieces, just peaches. Banana Slice. All fruits combine with yogurt sauce. Serve after cooling in the refrigerator. For salads, you can add seasonal fruit: strawberries, raspberries, grapes. ENJOY!

You can also be creative and make salads of your own prescription!!

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