Let's go abroad!!
2015-06-14 @ 13:09:27
Hi!! In this chapter I will tell you about preparations , which you have to do, if you’re going to leave your country in the summer and go abroad. Firstly, I have to warn you. You shouldn’t go to places, where is war, plagues, etc. It can be so dangerous (if you didn’t want it before xd). But if you’re stubborn and against all odds, you want to go to the a little dangerous place, you should be very careful, don’t going too far away your hotel (or different place you’d stay) – especially if you’re going to go alone; listen you tour-guide etc. You must be responsible!! Second important issue is to not destroy the plants which you’ll see and not harming animals which you’ll meet. You also shouldn’t eat any fruits, which you don’t know; it can be dangerous!! Anyway, this issue valid everywhere ;) You also shouldn’t regard people, who lives in country where you’ll be, like they’re aliens. They are different than you, but they are ordinary people, just with other traditions, culture and maybe with other color of their skin. So be polite and don’t regard people from other countries like interesting specimen in the ZOO!! The next issue is: always have your passport or other proof your identity. Be careful of people you meet for the first time; it’s nice to make new friends, but some of people can have bad intentions. But I don’t want to discourage you to trips abroad. These trips are amazing and very interesting, but you must remember about my advices, if you want to come back ;p

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