Trip to the mountains- is it for you??
2015-06-08 @ 21:09:40
Hello!! Before I’ll start, I would like to ask you about something; if you read this blog, please, go right ahead and comment!! I’m still learning to write interesting posts, so you can tell me what you like there, what not or give me some suggestions what should I change. I will be appreciate ;)
Alright, let’s come back to blog. In this chapter I’ll make you to know how to prepare before you’ll go to the mountains. Firstly, you should know, that trekking isn’t for all. You have to be enduring, fit and above all you have to be awed by mountains. They are very beautiful, but also dangerous. You must also revere mountains’ nature; don’t destroy plants etc. If you think, that you qualify for this and you plans trekking-trip, you should choose appropriate hiking trail; appropriate means- adapted to your level ;) When you’re packing on trip like this, you can’t forget about:

•A bottle of mineral water- you have to drink water to replace lost fluids!!

•A cap- a sunstroke can be here the same danger, which it’s on the beach!!

•A chocolate- you must provide your organism sugar!!

•Comfortable shoes- on very long walk you shouldn’t feel any pain!!

•A waterproof jacket- the weather can change easily!! That’s why you should also take some warm clothes, even when it’s summer!!

•A camera- you have to remember all great time you’ll have!! Making photos can be helpful :D

•It won’t do any harm, if you’ll take something to kill the boring time; evenings, when it’s too dark and cold (and also too dangerous) to go for a walk, you shouldn’t be bored!! Take, what you like the best; a book, a guitar or so, so, so. What you want :)

I hope, that this chapter was helpful for this people, which want to go to the mountains (especially if it will be the first time) :) Come here again, to make yourself know about trips to the foreign countries :D

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