Holidays on a beach
2015-06-07 @ 21:25:22
Hi everybody!! Well, I didn’t write anything new for a quite long time. Forgive me, now I’m here again and I promise, that I’ll write new posts every day. And I’ve got good explanation; I was on my first trip in June and unfortunately, I haven’t got any web... But I decided to change my plans (by the way to blog). In this chapter I would like to tell you about trips to the sea; preparations, secure rest on the seaside etc. Let’s start with packing. Definitely you must take:
•Sunglasses- if the weather will be fine, you’ll need them very much!! If you won’t take them, you won’t see anything.
•A hat or a cap- when you’re laying on the sand without it you can easily get sunstroke. If you don’t want it, necessarily you must wear a hat or a cap; what you prefer. But a hat with wide hat brim or cap can be pretty supplement, don’t you think??
•Suntan cream- sunbathing can be nice and brown, tanned skin looks so cool, but sunburns aren’t so nice. It can hurts so much and look quite disgusting :/
•Paddle :D – don’t think, that building castles of sand is only for children!! It can be fun, believe me
•Swimsuit and goggles- while you’re on a trip on the seaside, you should swim in the sea for once. I think, it’s goes without saying why do you need these things ;)
•Something to kill the boredom- it can be interesting book, crossword or so, so, so. Simply something, to won’t be bored on the beach
•Of course relevant clothes- I mean shorts, T-shirts etc. You know what I mean :p

You have to remember about principles of conduct on the beach. Firstly: you mustn’t swim away too far of the side!! You can to sink then!! Secondly: sunstroke can be danger!! You must always wear a hat or cap!!
But I won’t bore you with rules… you can easily read them in web :) I wish you’ll have amazing time on the seaside!!

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