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My holiday:
Hi!! Firstly, maybe I should tell you something about me. So; my name is Zosia and I’m 14 years old. I go to the Junior High School number 1 in my town called Trzcianka. I’m from Poland, but I really love travelling and every holidays I travel a lot. Last year I was in Greece, two years ago in Germany, but every year I go to the mountains. Also in this year, of course. But I’m not planning trip only there. I’m going to go to Croatia and Poland’s east; Białowieża, Białystok, etc. I know, that for English-speaking people these names are a little strange, but believe me, there are very beautiful. I want to make plans even today, because there is a little time left to holidays. You know... Of course I’m very happy of these holidays, but I’m also a little worried, because school is very important part of my life. Please, don’t think I’m crazy, but I really enjoy school. However, it’s blog about holidays, so let’s don’t think about school, but about our lovely free time in the summer. You must also know, that this blog is a homework for English lesson. Anyway: summer. My favorite season, you know?? This hot sunshine, a lot of beautiful plants, eating ice-creams, etc. And no learning. Well, unfortunately for me, but a repose is also nice  . Then I’ve got a lot of time for hanging out with my BFF, travelling and finally for reading books and writing. However, to holidays, (like to everything in the world, I think) you must get ready. How; it’s, fundamentally, depends of where you’re going, but some of preparations are always the same. For example, ( hobby most of girls, but for me- not necessarily) you should go shopping and buy things you need. But what you’ll buy; it’s also depends of place where you’re going. If you’ll read the next part of my blog, I’ll make you know, how you must get ready before you’re going to the mountains and I’ll also tell you, where specifically I’m going to go this year. I hope, that you’ll read not only next part, but all parts of my blog and please be understanding if you’re bored after reading it; it’s scarcely first and introductory section. Others sections will be more concrete and more interesting, I hope... Bye!!

Hi. Be careful!
Hi! I don't think you are crazy :) I really enjoy school, too. Especially English lessons.
I hope you have a good time in mountains, perhaps, you are on mountain trip now.
Please, be careful and going to tell us how was it :)

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