Bye... Ready for summer??
2015-06-14 @ 22:51:35
It's the last chapter of my blog... What a shame... But I hope that you'll remember all things I wrote hear. Are your grades fine?? All preparations maked?? Do you feel this amazing summer time?? If on all this questions you can say: YES!!, you are ready for holidays!! So the last request to you: remember me and.... ENJOY SUMMER!!
Music on summer ^^
2015-06-14 @ 22:47:00
When it's not so much time to summer, in radio constantly are a lot of very specific songs. Some of them are stupid (in my opinion)but some of them can be even smart!! So, let's make holidays' playlist. But please, forgive me, I've gor quite strange taste ;) Are you ready?? Let's start!!

1. Lana del Rey: Summertime Sadness
2. Lana del Rey: Summer Wine
3. Calvin Harris: When I met you in the summer
4. Holidays, so beautiful
5. Simple Plan: Summer Paradise
6. Adele: Romour has it
7. Maroon 5: Payphone
8. Fun: We are young
9. Oceana: Endless summer
10. Brodka: Varsovie

Is it okay for you or not?? If you want to change something: write in comments!!
stylish holidays!!
2015-06-14 @ 22:37:38
Hi everybody!! This chapter will be interesting especially for girls, I think. Why?? ‘Cause I would like to tell you about clothes you should wear in the summer!! Ok, I won’t be a liar; I’m not very conversant in this subject, so I’ll just tell you, what I like wear on the holidays. Firstly; shorts. I love it, and I hate skirts (but skirts can be so practical when it’s hot). Most of summer time I wear shorts and T-shirts; loose and comfortable. Best if they’ve got funny or clever inscription; it’s perfect T-shirt for me ;) But sometimes you should look elegant. What then?? I told you, that I hate skirts. Alright; but I didn’t tell you anything about dresses!! They look so pretty and they’re very airy; this is very important while it’s scorching hot ;) Best if dress look romantic and girly; it makes you beautiful. What about haircut for the summer?? Long, dense hair are very burdensome. I really like comb them in bun, plait or pigtail; then they not bother. And, well, now I don’t know what tell you. I am not very conversant with girls’ mode, but on boys’ mode I don’t know anything… I can just tell you, what I like; simply shorts (maybe jeans) and T-shirt is enough for me :p
Holidays diet!!
2015-06-14 @ 22:16:56
Hello!! Now I would like to tell you about diet on holidays. You know; it’s hot, you want to wear shorts and short T-shirts or simply swimsuits; then it’s nice to be fit. But it isn’t only thing, why good diet is important. When the temperature is very, very high, you’re not very, very hungry ;) But you must eat; it’s a fact. So what you can do?? I advise you to eat fruits like strawberries, oranges, peaches, etc. You don’t have to eat it “ for sharply”. You can do salads, smoothies, etc. You’ve got here one of prescription on a salad of fruits:

Fruit salad paradise - the ingredients
1 can peaches
4 large apples
3 ripe bananas
0.5 l thick yogurt
1 tablespoon sugar

Fruit salad paradise - how to prepare
Two mash bananas and sugar in mixer plump mass. Add the yoghurt and half the syrup from the peaches. Peel apples, cut into small pieces, just peaches. Banana Slice. All fruits combine with yogurt sauce. Serve after cooling in the refrigerator. For salads, you can add seasonal fruit: strawberries, raspberries, grapes. ENJOY!

You can also be creative and make salads of your own prescription!!
Let's go abroad!!
2015-06-14 @ 13:09:27
Hi!! In this chapter I will tell you about preparations , which you have to do, if you’re going to leave your country in the summer and go abroad. Firstly, I have to warn you. You shouldn’t go to places, where is war, plagues, etc. It can be so dangerous (if you didn’t want it before xd). But if you’re stubborn and against all odds, you want to go to the a little dangerous place, you should be very careful, don’t going too far away your hotel (or different place you’d stay) – especially if you’re going to go alone; listen you tour-guide etc. You must be responsible!! Second important issue is to not destroy the plants which you’ll see and not harming animals which you’ll meet. You also shouldn’t eat any fruits, which you don’t know; it can be dangerous!! Anyway, this issue valid everywhere ;) You also shouldn’t regard people, who lives in country where you’ll be, like they’re aliens. They are different than you, but they are ordinary people, just with other traditions, culture and maybe with other color of their skin. So be polite and don’t regard people from other countries like interesting specimen in the ZOO!! The next issue is: always have your passport or other proof your identity. Be careful of people you meet for the first time; it’s nice to make new friends, but some of people can have bad intentions. But I don’t want to discourage you to trips abroad. These trips are amazing and very interesting, but you must remember about my advices, if you want to come back ;p
Trip to the mountains- is it for you??
2015-06-08 @ 21:09:40
Hello!! Before I’ll start, I would like to ask you about something; if you read this blog, please, go right ahead and comment!! I’m still learning to write interesting posts, so you can tell me what you like there, what not or give me some suggestions what should I change. I will be appreciate ;)
Alright, let’s come back to blog. In this chapter I’ll make you to know how to prepare before you’ll go to the mountains. Firstly, you should know, that trekking isn’t for all. You have to be enduring, fit and above all you have to be awed by mountains. They are very beautiful, but also dangerous. You must also revere mountains’ nature; don’t destroy plants etc. If you think, that you qualify for this and you plans trekking-trip, you should choose appropriate hiking trail; appropriate means- adapted to your level ;) When you’re packing on trip like this, you can’t forget about:

•A bottle of mineral water- you have to drink water to replace lost fluids!!

•A cap- a sunstroke can be here the same danger, which it’s on the beach!!

•A chocolate- you must provide your organism sugar!!

•Comfortable shoes- on very long walk you shouldn’t feel any pain!!

•A waterproof jacket- the weather can change easily!! That’s why you should also take some warm clothes, even when it’s summer!!

•A camera- you have to remember all great time you’ll have!! Making photos can be helpful :D

•It won’t do any harm, if you’ll take something to kill the boring time; evenings, when it’s too dark and cold (and also too dangerous) to go for a walk, you shouldn’t be bored!! Take, what you like the best; a book, a guitar or so, so, so. What you want :)

I hope, that this chapter was helpful for this people, which want to go to the mountains (especially if it will be the first time) :) Come here again, to make yourself know about trips to the foreign countries :D
Holidays on a beach
2015-06-07 @ 21:25:22
Hi everybody!! Well, I didn’t write anything new for a quite long time. Forgive me, now I’m here again and I promise, that I’ll write new posts every day. And I’ve got good explanation; I was on my first trip in June and unfortunately, I haven’t got any web... But I decided to change my plans (by the way to blog). In this chapter I would like to tell you about trips to the sea; preparations, secure rest on the seaside etc. Let’s start with packing. Definitely you must take:
•Sunglasses- if the weather will be fine, you’ll need them very much!! If you won’t take them, you won’t see anything.
•A hat or a cap- when you’re laying on the sand without it you can easily get sunstroke. If you don’t want it, necessarily you must wear a hat or a cap; what you prefer. But a hat with wide hat brim or cap can be pretty supplement, don’t you think??
•Suntan cream- sunbathing can be nice and brown, tanned skin looks so cool, but sunburns aren’t so nice. It can hurts so much and look quite disgusting :/
•Paddle :D – don’t think, that building castles of sand is only for children!! It can be fun, believe me
•Swimsuit and goggles- while you’re on a trip on the seaside, you should swim in the sea for once. I think, it’s goes without saying why do you need these things ;)
•Something to kill the boredom- it can be interesting book, crossword or so, so, so. Simply something, to won’t be bored on the beach
•Of course relevant clothes- I mean shorts, T-shirts etc. You know what I mean :p

You have to remember about principles of conduct on the beach. Firstly: you mustn’t swim away too far of the side!! You can to sink then!! Secondly: sunstroke can be danger!! You must always wear a hat or cap!!
But I won’t bore you with rules… you can easily read them in web :) I wish you’ll have amazing time on the seaside!!
2015-06-02 @ 21:20:04
My holiday:
Hi!! Firstly, maybe I should tell you something about me. So; my name is Zosia and I’m 14 years old. I go to the Junior High School number 1 in my town called Trzcianka. I’m from Poland, but I really love travelling and every holidays I travel a lot. Last year I was in Greece, two years ago in Germany, but every year I go to the mountains. Also in this year, of course. But I’m not planning trip only there. I’m going to go to Croatia and Poland’s east; Białowieża, Białystok, etc. I know, that for English-speaking people these names are a little strange, but believe me, there are very beautiful. I want to make plans even today, because there is a little time left to holidays. You know... Of course I’m very happy of these holidays, but I’m also a little worried, because school is very important part of my life. Please, don’t think I’m crazy, but I really enjoy school. However, it’s blog about holidays, so let’s don’t think about school, but about our lovely free time in the summer. You must also know, that this blog is a homework for English lesson. Anyway: summer. My favorite season, you know?? This hot sunshine, a lot of beautiful plants, eating ice-creams, etc. And no learning. Well, unfortunately for me, but a repose is also nice  . Then I’ve got a lot of time for hanging out with my BFF, travelling and finally for reading books and writing. However, to holidays, (like to everything in the world, I think) you must get ready. How; it’s, fundamentally, depends of where you’re going, but some of preparations are always the same. For example, ( hobby most of girls, but for me- not necessarily) you should go shopping and buy things you need. But what you’ll buy; it’s also depends of place where you’re going. If you’ll read the next part of my blog, I’ll make you know, how you must get ready before you’re going to the mountains and I’ll also tell you, where specifically I’m going to go this year. I hope, that you’ll read not only next part, but all parts of my blog and please be understanding if you’re bored after reading it; it’s scarcely first and introductory section. Others sections will be more concrete and more interesting, I hope... Bye!!
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