2009-07-22 @ 17:16:03
My room is make-over now.Dad as always keep a dog and bark oneself.Naturally I'm helping him and doing house work but it yet will last.For the present I must sleep in my brothers room. Not at all I will have a renewed room.It's not wrong.
2009-07-15 @ 20:07:00
Today I have a great time.My school friends visited me.They are was driven 12 kilometres by bike!Madmans!:P It've happily.I have a laugh such not in month of Sunday.
Tomorrow is my mother birthday.I don't have any money well I not going to buying a present.I going to lodge wishes.I think that memory is the most important.I hope that I go shopping with her.She take me every year to schops on their birthday:)
Then Monday..;))))
2009-06-29 @ 19:59:47
Today is beautiful day.I sunbathed long time.I'm entire red,evrything burning me after all I'm so happy.I wanted get sunburt because tomorrow I will go to the Solina.I've got horrible swollen elbow.I hope that nobody wont observe it.Probably something has bitten my arm at night.Any minute now I'll run.I run the alternate days.It's great.Tomorrow I maybe get with it swimming I tried time and again but I can't.It's difficult:D
Everything is half-assed
2009-06-26 @ 20:22:52
Everything is half-assed.Everything is meaninglessly I,my life,my family.I have it up to here all told.Nobody isn't understand me.
Person which I may talk arrived from Germany today.She will return to four months.I don't make it kiss that one goodbye.
Additionally my friend hasn't got through to my school.She is fourteen at the recital spare.Not a change.It never fails.Failuture..:(
2009-06-23 @ 20:19:51
Today for the first time sun sunning.I was been with my mates for pizza.:D Tomorrow I will be help my mother in garden work,I hope that I get sunburt.After I will mow law.
I think holiday going too fast.Unfortunately I don't find holiday job.It's such a shame.Meybe in next year.
Fist day holiday
2009-06-20 @ 10:29:32
Today is oficially the first day holiday.Unoficially I've got holiday outlast in re month because in June I wasn't go to school.
I have been upon the end take away of school and school raport yesterday.Have been better than I think.I didn't showed my school raport nobody.I'm faintly tired.I have been at the great party.:)
The weather is horrible.It's windy and cloudy.It's raining all the time.In the morning It's just a few degrees contigrade.It's dull.There is alitte sunshine.I must stay at home.I will reading books and english yearn,watchings movies and listen to music.I like fart arse about.;)
Lastly holiday...
2009-06-18 @ 14:52:59
Tomorrow will be holiday.I'm contenplateing it's good whether bad.I like school(but I don't study often)and like holiday though it's boring and isn't much to do.In this year will be as terrrible as every year.Father today told me that I may going to found a holiday job.I wont to working but with my age(17 years old) and education(accomplished 1st class secondary school) I don't working anywhere.That's the way it goes I will to spend holiday at home with my three brothers.Until I want cry...
I managed to get throught to the next year.Well my grades aren't mind-blowing.I never have average below 4.This school year I've got 3,6.this is first class but always this something.For the first time I have also 2 to my school report.The worst it's that I receive 2 of biology my expanded subject. Maybe I will stash it.While my mother lokoing it begint harangue(worse than a kick in the ass see one's way upon more blebleble)and going to louse up my good humour.I can't shout holiday...
The Unlucky day
2009-06-17 @ 17:35:14
This day was unlucky.I was had bad luck.Perhaps I have get off on the wrong foot.On the morning I want going to the city with my bestfriend but she oversleep the bus well I have must returned to house from bus stop.When I have get up her at length we was running at the bus stop and I losed my silver necklace.How we got off the rain began to drop.Boy while fancy me from very time looked me all wet with destroyed make-up and I to trip..He was laughtening.I'm going back home and I'm cooking dinner.I want making a spaghetti but I have blow it.I was very angry.Today nothing be coming up roses me.I'm it fed sick to the back teeth.I will go to the bed.I will listen to music and read the book.My friend lent me yesterday,,Twitight''written by Stephanie Mayer.I heard it's gorgeous.Meybe I going to read something.Tomorrow is a new day.Absolutely better.I belive it.:(
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