2009-01-30 @ 20:50:09
I love read books.
And I love buy books.
In January I bought 35 books. So, it's more than one book of a day. I'm so glad about this quantity.
But I buy more than I'll be able read.
2008-03-22 @ 13:32:18
I think about write notes in this blog. This is a good method for learn English. Maybe not a good method for learn, but a good method for repeat. But I write here less and more once o mouth. Maybe if I write often, this will give a result.
Maybe I ought to write often...
Maybe I ought to read yours blog and write comments...
But I'm very, very lazy. And I can't write in English. And I have no time.
If... ^^
2008-03-12 @ 18:31:15
If I stay at home, I'll read a book. If I read book, I'll be intelligent. If I'm intelligent, I'll get a good marks. If I get o good marks, my parents will be happy. If my parents are happpy, they'll buy me a bow. If my parents buy me a bow, I'll be happpy.
I have a good marks and my parents don't buy me a bow. They don't let me, I buy a bow for my money.
So I'm unhappy...
Few events from life of Lidia Kukuryku. Introduction.
2008-01-28 @ 13:50:33
I invent a short story. This is an introduction of its.

Who is Lidia Kukuryku?
*Lidia Kukuryku can says "the other word", but she doesn't know she's eight year old.
*She saw a pink thing, but she doesn't know her hair is curly.
*She saw a tree, but she doesn't saw her long hair.
*She can wents along path, but she can't know her hair are brown.
*She talks to Mrs Re-re-kum-kum and she can see her blue eyes in the stone.
*She see well, but she doesn't know her appearance.
Lidia Kukuryku is the most normal girl in the Earth, in the galaxy and in the cosmos.

2008-01-14 @ 21:38:01
My method to learn words in English(and the others languages).
The words share into groups. Each groups include 10 words.
Repeat each word in 5 rounds.
1. Repeat each word 5 times - loud;
2. Repeat each word 4 times - in our mind;
3. Repeat each word 3 times - loud;
4. Repeat each word twice - in our mind;
5. Repeat each word once - loud;
Now, we have a rest for a one minute and after we test our knowledge. Few hour later we repeat all words.
This method is a good way for repetition words.
Are you understand my method?

While, I was learnig, I was inventing a funny sentence.
For example:
*This is either a black nor a green, but it's a pen.
*All things in this aren't books, but some are books and some are pens.
-In the room there are only books and pens.-
*If he wants buy something, he must go either to supermarket or to for example greengrocer's.
*Can you both write and speak?
No, I can't both write and speak, but I can only write.
*There is a few syllable in this country.

In the future...
2007-10-28 @ 17:46:46
I can't English. I know. I decide write one note in the month and I'm going to wrote.
I don't learn English too intensive. First of all I have no time and I'm lazy.
This evening I'm going to explain different texts and learn to history competition, but I'm tired. Well, I'm usually tired.

I don't know what written about.
Maybe... Travels...
In the future I'm going to travel a lot. I would like to visit whole Europe, Asia, America, Africa and all the world. I would like to see many things , but I can't write about it in English:)
So, this is the end. Are you understand this note?

Write you in the next month:*
Few about me.
2007-09-18 @ 21:16:21
Today I write about m interesting.
I have a lot of interests. This is a few:

*The cosmos. Although lately fewer.
*The strange phenomenon. I love this.
*The books. I read a lot of books. Read. Now I have no time.
*Write story. But I can't.
*History. The most interesting is life people in the past.
*The fashion. But isn't folly.

Kisses for all:*
2007-09-16 @ 17:38:57
I'm Tina. This is my first English blog.
Why I start writing? Because I learn English and I think this is good idea write blog for English. I can't English very good. I learn English six years, but don't intensively. Now I learn more.

I endeavour write correctly, but I often make mistakes.

I'm going to write often, but I'm very busy.
I endeavour write one note of the month.
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