Good addiction
2013-09-13 @ 23:39:23
Hi everyone! Today I would like to write about one of things I really enjoy doing. I can call it a "good addiction".

People are often addicted to different toxic substances like cigarettes, alcohol or even drugs. But I've got addiction, which is not harmful for me. What is more it gives lots of benefits.I mean reading books.

This activity, which I can't live without, is my favorite way of spending free time. In this short note I would like to mention several advantages of reading books.

1. Reading is better way of spending our spare time and relax than staring at the screen thoughtlessly.
2. While you are reading, you improve your imaginary and creativity.
3. You can learn something new and really interesting from books.
4. When you read a lot, you are more comprehensive and you've got always something to say.
5. You can improve your writing skills and learn lots of new words.

I know, that there are lots of other benefits, but I think those ones are the most important. In the end of this note I would like to encourage you to read more. Next time I'll write about some interesting and nice books, which I've read recently.

Thanks for reading,
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