So I`m finally
2007-01-28 @ 09:10:23
At first to say how old am I, I must to admit ,that all you were wrong! I`m not sixteen or even seventeen or more, but less! This year I will be twelve (13rd May). To sum up nobody has been right. But I`m acustomed with it, because all people, who don`t see me, say that I`m about twenty. And I`m fine with it! I also must admit that learing many languages are my biggest hobby! I just love speaking in diffirent languages and visiting new places! But is complicate all my plans! I future I want to get well-paid job, but in this concern ability of fast learing languages won`t help me. You know what I`m writing about- this skill is important, but won`t let me earn enough! Sure, my peers can`t speak english at leven intermediate plus. Well, I`m wondering if they can it on beginner level...And I`m not fine with it. If you wanna make me better, obviously comment!

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