My first post
2007-01-19 @ 13:39:27
So first post is : Can you guess it?
I`ll write a post and you in a comment will tell me how old am I. For the person who will gues : four comments!

So let`s start. I know it will be boring post and so on, but until you leave my blog, first look at the statistic. Do I have to be pleased?
Of, course I donot, but recently I have decided not to worry antymore and always have fun! It is caused by the fact, hat tomorrow I`m going to a camp. Papapa and obviously comment. And here is my first (better) bloog
I know that I don`t write HERe with resposibility but I`m sick of all the world. Belive me or not, it is Mine blog (no, no I`m not explaining)So how old am I?

I don't know why you all like onet blogs. There are so many ads! Pages load so slowly. I hate all blogs that are on onet domain.
I think you are about 17
I think similar than pablo about onwt's blogs....
I think that you are about 16

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