Hate it
2007-09-09 @ 11:54:00
I hate English! really!

Hate my new teacher

Hate my new school

Hate English

don't wanna learn it at school...

Hi there
2007-09-06 @ 15:46:49
This is my new blog and and my first post. I've got no idea what was the motivation to do it as my English is rather poor and it seems I'm not ready to write anything extraordinary here.

But, the more I think of it, I get the understanding that there is one good reason - I need to improve my writing skills. So what should I start with? Maybe a word about myself...

My name's Terika ( not the real one of course :P ) and I'm going on 11. Languages are what I like the most :) so if there is any possibility of you spotting my mistakes, please let me know at once :)

I hope you find this blog tolerable :)

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