One word for welcome!
2009-05-06 @ 13:20:48

I don't want to say "hello my friend, welcome on my own blog, i would like you to read my blog because it will be really great site and i will try to post everyday, you will not be bored!!"...That's would not to describe me properly, and i would not to place myself within any confines.

I just want to say that i am here only for myself! I suppose that it sounds like a symptom of egoism and i agree...I am an egoist! Everyone is an egoist, less or more!Obviously its my opinion and i don't adjudge!

It seems to be more than only 1 word...well I've tried to choose one, the best for welcome, but i couldn't find any... just would say something more. I hope it will be good English class to me:)
...and that word...maybe ENJOY! That's the good one!
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