2009-05-13 @ 19:08:41
There is 1 thing in my life i can say it is permanent and static: ART! It never change, it always makes me relaxed even i just think of that...i try to think of art as much as i can, imagine pictures, colours, shapes, light and shades...for me everything is art: apple on the tree, stone on side walk, people's smiles! Even little things have got own language, artistic language! i would say that i can speak in 3 languages :D
Lovely day!
2009-05-11 @ 19:19:15
Another day from as crazy as fast, as crazy as slow, as crazy as sad then as crazy as good fun, everyday life...

Start: 5 a.m., blindfold, get work;
Clattering clock card, work full of colours, malicious of objects and relax at last: 2p.m.

Run, get home, quick shower, get school, another school, home! Dinner and rest...maybe a book, portion of English words and grammar, drawing,music, relax... maybe film and bed!

5 days a week like that!
2009-05-09 @ 23:55:09
Language...its really fascination subject!I studied German years ago and i didn't have any problems with that language. Its obvious - depends on person, some people can learn easy, some not...I tried to learn English as well, but i couldn't get it, just thought that English grammar is too complicated to understand!

When i came to UK 3 years ago i was thinking: 'oh god!what do they say to me??what is that, is it English i studied???'!I had to learn English from the beginning...first: listen to! Listening is the most important way to learn English!Music, films, internet, radio, TV! We have so many possibilities to listen to!
Grammar...its not the most important, we should study it then.After listen to, then get some words, then trying say that and grammar in the end! I know some English people talking in not great English!Britain's, they want to talk easy, as short as they can say something in the shortest way!

I've studied English for 4 years, about, and after that time i can say: its really difficult to get it, to understand it well...why? Because You just have to be IN the language you learn! I mean that you should get to know the culture, habits, customs, and the most difficult- thinking-then try to understand that and then learning become easier!
I still try to get IN...:/
One word for welcome!
2009-05-06 @ 13:20:48

I don't want to say "hello my friend, welcome on my own blog, i would like you to read my blog because it will be really great site and i will try to post everyday, you will not be bored!!"...That's would not to describe me properly, and i would not to place myself within any confines.

I just want to say that i am here only for myself! I suppose that it sounds like a symptom of egoism and i agree...I am an egoist! Everyone is an egoist, less or more!Obviously its my opinion and i don't adjudge!

It seems to be more than only 1 word...well I've tried to choose one, the best for welcome, but i couldn't find any... just would say something more. I hope it will be good English class to me:)
...and that word...maybe ENJOY! That's the good one!
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