2nd blog post
2010-10-02 @ 00:03:05
Hi people!
What's up? I'm very sad, because nobody answered for my first note. Why do you want not to help me?
I'd like to chatting with everyone. Unfortunalety you don't wanna to talking. I can talking about everything and I'll be pleased with your answer.
Correct me, if I make mistake.
Hello :)
2010-09-28 @ 18:56:26
I'm Kamil and I'm 19. I come from Grudziądz. I will write MATURA in this year. I'm stressed. I thought, that I'm doing the english blog. I'd like in this way improve my Englih, because I think, that It's awful. I'm interested in football and military. If you want to chatting with me, you send e-mail. My e-mail addres is szumek_1991@o2.pl . Of course I want to keep this blog. I WANT TO SAY : "HELLO"!
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