2014-11-30 @ 00:04:06
Hey Guys!!!
Boredom and so much to the church in the morning Massacre...
Like!-Fergie - L.A.LOVE

See you soon!!!
Red Cap
2014-11-29 @ 14:33:58
Hey Guys!!!
Today I am teaching:English,Polish,Chemical,Biology,
Geography and Maths.In the evening I'll do a little angel for the competition.
Saturday is not going to be too colorful but such is life. :(
Christmas in a month and I've been listening to Christmas songs - I like them very much <3
On Monday I start to walk on morning masses to 6:30am because I am preparing for Confirmation.

See you soon!!!
I forgot about my blog! 28.11.2014
2014-11-29 @ 14:20:02
Hey Guys!!!
Yesterday after school from the church was a trip to Zwoleń on agape or youth meeting in the church and talking about God. Meeting at the church was 6 pm and returned at 10 pm.On agape we sang and andmentioned St. John Paul II.
It was even fun. :)

See you soon!!!
A lot of work
2014-11-27 @ 16:08:40
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was six lessons and repetition of Geography.Now I doing my homework and then I'll learn German-I hope that the test will be easy...

See you soon!!!
2014-11-26 @ 21:33:30
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was at the school disco.Was even ok but at the beginning of the game was poor music:C Later he was getting better. I studied geography in the evening and a little history.

See you soon!!!
2014-11-25 @ 16:55:34
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was in school and on the eighth lesson was in the choir.So long we sang a new song that hoarse!!!

See you soon
St. Andrew's
2014-11-24 @ 18:08:15
Hey Guys!!!
Today I went to school and at eight lesson we decorated the gym at St. Andrew's disco on Wednesday. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Now I am doing my homework and I will watch Top Model's on TVN in the evening.

See you soon!!!
It was great C:
2014-11-23 @ 15:35:21
Hey Guys!!!
I slept like 12:00 but did not get enough sleep.
Yesterday I was at the wedding was great!!!
I met with Michalina and Octavian had fun together-Great! :D
I returned home at 3:00 am and now I am drawing
on the visual arts contest.

See you soon!!!
2014-11-22 @ 12:04:10
Hey Guys!!!
Today do not want to do.Still learning and learning. Oh God... :3

See you soon!!!
Wedding March <3 <3
2014-11-21 @ 17:37:41
Hey Guys!!!
Today I had a lot of stress at school because I had 2 quizzes and was questioned for German lessons. Fortunately, it is okay. I'll clean up the house in the evening because tomorrow I'm going to a wedding <3 I guess enough...

See you soon!!!
Two quizzes a day... Massacre
2014-11-20 @ 15:48:48
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was two quizzes!!!


Well such a life. Today I will learn the History of German and English :(

For 21 working days and already CHRISTMAS!!!
11 days for Thanksgiving!!!- I hope that parents fulfill their contract of gift : D

See you soon!!!

I recommend-Ariana Grande, The Weeknd - Love Me Harder <3
Cinema Helios -Mud
2014-11-19 @ 15:43:30
Hey Guys!!!
Today we went to the cinema to film-Mud, before we were in M1. The film was very interesting and penetrating. I loved it terribly.Mud was the main character who lived on a desert island-Matthew McConaughey played it !!!

Today was super!!!

See you soon!!!
Sleepy day
2014-11-18 @ 17:37:27
Hey Guys!!!
Today I eight lessons and now I am drinking tea with sugar and lemon.
When I got home I ate dinner and went to bed because I was very tired.
At the moment I started doing my homework.

See you soon!!!
The Heart Wants What It Wants
2014-11-16 @ 20:02:11
Hey Guys!!!
This post is for tomorrow because I will not have access to the Internet.
I recommend a song to a weak mood-

See you soon!!!
Lazy day...
2014-11-16 @ 13:28:39
Hey Guys!!!
Now I am reading new book's-"Price courage". Until I started to read it and really drew me.
I recently ate dinner but I now drink hot tea with lemon and sugar because something takes me a runny nose. I morning at 9:00 I was in church and I met Ada-my friend.Sunday is a sunny day but today is very cloudy :'(
See you soon!!!
Christmas mood already close ⌒▽⌒
2014-11-15 @ 12:54:20
Hey Guys!!!
Today I cleaning my house and in the afternoon I learn to:English,Chemistry and German. This not cool :C Today I finished read a book for school -"Story A Christmas Carol". Book is so
interestinga and moving.Who does not read should regret!!! Book introduced me the Christmas mood even though Christmas holidays for 1.5 months.

See you soon!!!
Mrs. Dentist
2014-11-14 @ 18:52:44
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was at dentydty. It was terrible!!!
I don't fear dentist but me very sore teeth. Now i watching videos on YouTube and ....

See you soon!!!
9h- funny but so long
2014-11-13 @ 17:40:36
Hey Guys!!!
Today i was 9 hours in the school :XX because I was in History circle. We were watched film about Joseph Piłsudzki. I went back to the house about 5.00pm.
Now I doing my homework and learn to Chemistry.

See you soon!!!
Cookies ;3
2014-11-12 @ 18:37:22
At the moment I discovered very tasty cookies-macaroons.Cookies are many colors and flavors.This post is overdue...
See you soon!!!

A little bit...
2014-11-12 @ 17:42:17
This entry is for some information about my person:
1. Wiktoria.
2. Ib.
3. 13 years old.
4. four-eyes.
5. I have 2 dogs :D.
6. I like Maths,Physics and Biology.
7. I like very much dumplings.

See you soon!!!
Blog-something crazy
2014-11-12 @ 17:16:33
Hello!!! I'm Wiktoria and this is my first experience with a blog.This is so exciting :D

Today I had seven lessons:/ Now I am doing my homework and eat very tasty dinner...

This post is overdue because today we had first English lesson with subject blog

See you soon!!!
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