New Year's Eve 2014/2015
2014-12-31 @ 16:00:14
Hey Guys!!!
Today I sat at home and listened to music.In the afternoon I went to the grandmother's cake and tea. Now I help my mom make a salad gyros. In the evening-in sylwestra- staying with her grandmother-parents go to a disco and my brother went to party to Warsaw.
Unfortunately, the last day of writing blog- I like it even tried to write every day some interesting fragments of my life.
Today we say goodbye to the new year and on this occasion I give wishes to everyone for 2015 was his most productive time in your life and that you were doing the best!!!
This is my longest blog entry in the history of the blog szczupak's. :D

Coconut cake
2014-12-30 @ 18:38:50
Hey Guys!!!
Today there are 47 birthday of my mother and on this occasion I did for her coconut cake because my mom loves coconuts. Unfortunately, I thought that the cake did not work out and it turned out that already almost nothing left.In the afternoon I taught Mathematics and History, and in the evening I went with my dad for a walk but quickly returned because very cold -12 degrees. Now I drink green tea and watch videos on YouTube.

See you soon!!!
Swimming pool
2014-12-29 @ 15:54:40
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was at the pool with my brother and dad. I woke up in the morning as I ate breakfast first and then ironed :( Is even more snow because it rained all afternoon. after returning from Kozienic ate dinner and went to bed. After waking up, I started a little study. Now I am drinking coffe and reading a book.

See you soon!!!
Sled and fall
2014-12-28 @ 16:53:29
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was in the church and in the afternoon I ventured out with my parents and brother to the forest. I took a sled and dogs. I rode for the first exit from the Tosia and not only blew off the second fell on bum. Ouch!
Recently returned from her grandmother Krysia because I was with her for tea and Viennese cheesecake...

See you soon!!!
Weekend beginning Friday
2014-12-27 @ 12:18:03
Hey Guys!!!
Today I I tidy up the house after the holidays and in the afternoon I go with her grandmother Krystal and Tosia (my dog) to the forest. I think a little will teach in the evening. Yesterday dropped a lot of snow-finally!!!!

See you soon!!!
26.12.-- Boxing Day
2014-12-27 @ 12:13:03
Hey Guys!!!
I apologize for my absence, but it is Christmas. On the second day of Christmas I and my family is when we took to the church and then to Aunt Mary-had dinner. I spent the evening with his grandmother because Christie stayed with her.

See you soon!!!
Day Tours
2014-12-25 @ 23:44:57
Hey Guys!!!
Uff just half an hour ago, I went home because I was with my grandmother.Generally my day began like this:
2.Dinner at Grandma Jackie
3.To return home and an hour break
4.Meeting at Grandma Christie

It was fun - I love the moments shared with family <3

See you soon!!!
Best wishes
2014-12-24 @ 22:42:31
Hey Guys!!!
This is an additional entry in the blog to celebrate the holidays because I would like to wish all my friends.

Sleigh bells ringing,
Christmas Eve table full of dishes,
hay under the tablecloth is,
family rushing to Midnight Mass.
They will all carol,
the birth of the Lord rejoice.
Kolędujmy and we, together,
joyful because it's time.

See you soon!!!
Christmas Eve
2014-12-24 @ 22:39:23
Hey Guys!!!
Christmas Eve
I love the eve of today I was on the eve of my aunt.Dumplings were borscht, carp, compote, pancakes and herring.Of course I ate dumplings, and carp. I returned home at 9:30 pm and dinner started at 7:00 pm.
In the afternoon I was at my grandmother-Jackie to wish Christmas and visit the grave of grandfather John.
For Christmas I got a scarf and jewelry.

See you soon!!!
Gifts for the Feast.
2014-12-23 @ 19:03:07
Hey Guys!!!
Today is my name-Victory is good because I got from my aunt and a gold watch from his parents a new phone, trousers and sweets.And the grandmother I got 20 gold and a candy bar.Unfortunately or fortunately my name is December 23.
Christmas Eve- tomorrow will be good grub.Yum

See you soon!!!
Hooray-I got up at 5:30am in the morning and now I sleep...
2014-12-22 @ 08:12:49
Hey Guys!!!
Today like a rose in the morning-I was on the morning aphids and now I make gingerbread because yesterday all was not finished do.
I then go to Kozienic the new TV and I think that's it...
And today I am standing by the Christmas tree with my dad. Hooray!!!

See you soon!!!
Baking cakes and gingerbread (with help my mother)
2014-12-21 @ 17:24:25
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was in Kozienice on the shopping!!!After eating dinner my father and I went along with the dogs for 1 hour to the forest.As we got back that I, with my mother started to bake cakes and gingerbread. Yum!
Yesterday, my dad bought a Christmas tree and tomorrow we will adorn it.
I already can not wait for Christmas I wish that the snow is still no D':

See you soon!!!
Tea with gingerbread
2014-12-20 @ 14:48:02
Hey Guys!!!
Today I go to church and confess.The whole day with my mom cleaned up the house and in the afternoon I went to grandma.Grandmother helped herself me with tea and gingerbread. Yum!

See you soon!!!
Christmas holidays-I finally lived
2014-12-19 @ 20:49:11
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was in school and I was 7 lessons.After school I went to the store with Natalia after gingerbread ornaments because I will be burned my christmas.How I got home I ate dinner-fish, and I watched TV.In the evening I was in the church for a retreat and returned at 8 pm.At 8 pm, with my mother while clean up kitchen.
Today finally started Christmas break I am so glad I love the holidays.
I think it all...

See you soon!!!
Belgian Chocolates... Yum
2014-12-18 @ 17:09:30
Hey Guys!!!
Today I performed in the show twice-I was playing a woman.Seventh lesson I wrote a test of Polish language and eighth lesson lap I was on the historical and we watched a movie "Black Thursday".
Now I emphasize topics in the booklet of the history because tomorrow it collects Raphael you to check and learn the history because he can ask...
Today my dad came and brought delicious Belgian chocolates.
Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum :P

See you soon!!!
Together evening-present for the holidays
2014-12-17 @ 20:42:08
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was at the dentist and then I went to school because I took part in the show for the holidays and sang in the choir.
It was amazing <3
In the show I played a woman and I loved this role. I think he liked it got big applause :D

And most importantly, my dad tomorrow arrives in Polish.Finally very much I missed him because he was not one month!!!! <3

See you soon!!!
Class Christmas Eve !
2014-12-16 @ 18:24:30
Hey Guys!!!
Today I went to the shop because I and Paulina bought anythings for class Christmas Eve. We bought a lot of tasty food...especially cinnamon cookies :P
Now I watch Vlogmas on YouTube and learn to Geography.

See you soon!!!
Okay? Okay.
2014-12-15 @ 21:16:42
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was in the cinema on "The Fault in Our Stars".This is perfect movie.This is a film about a couple who are chronically ill teenagers fall in love.
The film is rapidly changing and dying one of the main characters.At the end of the movie we all wept as beavers because he was a very moving moment...

And I would recommend it for a long winter evening

See you soon!!!
2014-12-14 @ 17:23:18
Hey Guys!!!
Today I saty in a home-lazy day <3.I finally had a free weekend. I had a zero learning. In the evening I watch videos vlogmas or holidays.
I love them!!!
Tommorrow I went to the cinema on "The Fault in Our Stars"-apparently this is a great movie.
I already can not wait for tomorrow.

See you soon!!!
Clean up!
2014-12-13 @ 14:42:24
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was help my mother in cleaning the house for the holidays. Now I am writing History and learning to Biology and Physics.

See you soon!!!
Trip to Warsaw-12.12.2014
2014-12-13 @ 14:37:40
Hey Guys!!!
Yesterday I went to school trip to Warsaw.We were at the National Stadium on the ice rink the National Stadium. Later we visited the Copernicus Science Centre.Finally we saw garden light in Wilanow .We got back home at 8pm and completely forgot about the blog because I doing my homework.
It was great!!!!

See you soon!!!
Sick :(
2014-12-11 @ 17:59:56
Hey Guys!!!
Today I stay at home because I am sick.I feel horrible and tomorrow I'm going on a trip, I hope that quickly recovers.

See you soon!!!/
Actually it isn't
2014-12-10 @ 17:01:59
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was a test of English and I think it went quite well. Now I do pendant to the class because it takes a contest for the embellishment of the class.
I'll probably watch video's on YouTube.

See you soon!!!
Wreck this journal
2014-12-09 @ 19:54:40
Hey Guys!!!
In yhe morning I was in the church and then I went to school.I was eight lessons with choir:((
In the evening I was do my homework and learn to English.
Now I watching video's on YouTube and I repeat to myself English :D

On Monday I'm going to film academy and I wants to buy a book-"Wreck this journal" Keri Smith

See you soon!!!
9 days working and Christmas
2014-12-08 @ 17:53:07
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was in the school and now I doing my homework. About one hour I go home because I was
additional lesson's-circle Geography,choir and in the evening English tutoring.

At the moment I learning to Polish,English and Chemistry...

See you soon!!!
Name Day-Aunt Mary
2014-12-07 @ 12:03:29
Hey Guys!!!
Today I will dinner with my aunt beacuse her Name Day-is tommorow! Will be boring as always, but Aunt certainly be happy :)
I'm already a little hungry and the food per hour...

See you soon!!!
Shopping time!
2014-12-06 @ 14:45:51
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was with my mother in the sunny gallery to Radom shopping on St. Nicholas.I bought four T-shirts and jacket.In the evening I will learn to English,Biology and Chemistry but I'll have free time to reading this book.

See you soon!!!
Exercise semester of Physics-Classified :D
2014-12-05 @ 17:15:42
Hey Guys!!!
Today was great because I wasn't questioned of history.I love color day <3
In the evening I was doing my homework and I finished exercise semester of Physics.
I hope that I get a good evaluation ;)
Tommorow I went with my mother to sunny gallery in Radom on the occasion of holly.

See you soon!!!
2014-12-04 @ 16:04:09
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was History and Mr Raphael had to ask for lessons but he will do it tomorrow-luckily December 5 is a colorful day and can not do quizzes, etc.
Is's great!!!!!!!!

See you soon!!!
2014-12-03 @ 17:05:40
Hey Guys!!!
Today I am doing a little angel on competition. It's almost ready.
Now I doing my homework-tommorow I will exam on the Maths!!!-I am scared.

See you soon!!!
2014-12-02 @ 16:20:01
Hey Guys!!!
Today a lot of people went on a trip to the cinema. I did not go on trip more I stay in the school.And the first three classes have a common lessons!!!
Physical education throughout the two hours we played volleyball-it was great C:
The game went on a jam!!!

See you soon!!!

I'm not going on trip to the cinema :3
2014-12-01 @ 17:41:37
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was eight lessons and later I go on tutoring in English.
Tommorow I'm not going on trip to the cinema-Great! Because we will have looser lessons.

__(.)< __(.)> __(.)=
\___) \___) \___)

See you soon!!!
2014-11-30 @ 00:04:06
Hey Guys!!!
Boredom and so much to the church in the morning Massacre...
Like!-Fergie - L.A.LOVE

See you soon!!!
Red Cap
2014-11-29 @ 14:33:58
Hey Guys!!!
Today I am teaching:English,Polish,Chemical,Biology,
Geography and Maths.In the evening I'll do a little angel for the competition.
Saturday is not going to be too colorful but such is life. :(
Christmas in a month and I've been listening to Christmas songs - I like them very much <3
On Monday I start to walk on morning masses to 6:30am because I am preparing for Confirmation.

See you soon!!!
I forgot about my blog! 28.11.2014
2014-11-29 @ 14:20:02
Hey Guys!!!
Yesterday after school from the church was a trip to Zwoleń on agape or youth meeting in the church and talking about God. Meeting at the church was 6 pm and returned at 10 pm.On agape we sang and andmentioned St. John Paul II.
It was even fun. :)

See you soon!!!
A lot of work
2014-11-27 @ 16:08:40
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was six lessons and repetition of Geography.Now I doing my homework and then I'll learn German-I hope that the test will be easy...

See you soon!!!
2014-11-26 @ 21:33:30
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was at the school disco.Was even ok but at the beginning of the game was poor music:C Later he was getting better. I studied geography in the evening and a little history.

See you soon!!!
2014-11-25 @ 16:55:34
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was in school and on the eighth lesson was in the choir.So long we sang a new song that hoarse!!!

See you soon
St. Andrew's
2014-11-24 @ 18:08:15
Hey Guys!!!
Today I went to school and at eight lesson we decorated the gym at St. Andrew's disco on Wednesday. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Now I am doing my homework and I will watch Top Model's on TVN in the evening.

See you soon!!!
It was great C:
2014-11-23 @ 15:35:21
Hey Guys!!!
I slept like 12:00 but did not get enough sleep.
Yesterday I was at the wedding was great!!!
I met with Michalina and Octavian had fun together-Great! :D
I returned home at 3:00 am and now I am drawing
on the visual arts contest.

See you soon!!!
2014-11-22 @ 12:04:10
Hey Guys!!!
Today do not want to do.Still learning and learning. Oh God... :3

See you soon!!!
Wedding March <3 <3
2014-11-21 @ 17:37:41
Hey Guys!!!
Today I had a lot of stress at school because I had 2 quizzes and was questioned for German lessons. Fortunately, it is okay. I'll clean up the house in the evening because tomorrow I'm going to a wedding <3 I guess enough...

See you soon!!!
Two quizzes a day... Massacre
2014-11-20 @ 15:48:48
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was two quizzes!!!


Well such a life. Today I will learn the History of German and English :(

For 21 working days and already CHRISTMAS!!!
11 days for Thanksgiving!!!- I hope that parents fulfill their contract of gift : D

See you soon!!!

I recommend-Ariana Grande, The Weeknd - Love Me Harder <3
Cinema Helios -Mud
2014-11-19 @ 15:43:30
Hey Guys!!!
Today we went to the cinema to film-Mud, before we were in M1. The film was very interesting and penetrating. I loved it terribly.Mud was the main character who lived on a desert island-Matthew McConaughey played it !!!

Today was super!!!

See you soon!!!
Sleepy day
2014-11-18 @ 17:37:27
Hey Guys!!!
Today I eight lessons and now I am drinking tea with sugar and lemon.
When I got home I ate dinner and went to bed because I was very tired.
At the moment I started doing my homework.

See you soon!!!
The Heart Wants What It Wants
2014-11-16 @ 20:02:11
Hey Guys!!!
This post is for tomorrow because I will not have access to the Internet.
I recommend a song to a weak mood-

See you soon!!!
Lazy day...
2014-11-16 @ 13:28:39
Hey Guys!!!
Now I am reading new book's-"Price courage". Until I started to read it and really drew me.
I recently ate dinner but I now drink hot tea with lemon and sugar because something takes me a runny nose. I morning at 9:00 I was in church and I met Ada-my friend.Sunday is a sunny day but today is very cloudy :'(
See you soon!!!
Christmas mood already close ⌒▽⌒
2014-11-15 @ 12:54:20
Hey Guys!!!
Today I cleaning my house and in the afternoon I learn to:English,Chemistry and German. This not cool :C Today I finished read a book for school -"Story A Christmas Carol". Book is so
interestinga and moving.Who does not read should regret!!! Book introduced me the Christmas mood even though Christmas holidays for 1.5 months.

See you soon!!!
Mrs. Dentist
2014-11-14 @ 18:52:44
Hey Guys!!!
Today I was at dentydty. It was terrible!!!
I don't fear dentist but me very sore teeth. Now i watching videos on YouTube and ....

See you soon!!!
9h- funny but so long
2014-11-13 @ 17:40:36
Hey Guys!!!
Today i was 9 hours in the school :XX because I was in History circle. We were watched film about Joseph Piłsudzki. I went back to the house about 5.00pm.
Now I doing my homework and learn to Chemistry.

See you soon!!!
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