2016-01-17 @ 14:55:15
,,We forget that life is fragile, delicate, that does not last forever. All we behave as if we were immortal.''Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt,,Oscar and Mrs Rose''
2016-01-09 @ 14:41:37
„Because,when someone goes for voice heart,it comes to where wants. It achieves what wants. Provided that try.~„Madagascar”
2016-01-06 @ 13:02:10
„Thus,adolescents love is not in the heart but in the eyes of lies”~„Romeo&Juliet” William Shakespeare
2015-12-26 @ 19:22:20
"Only the great love can dissolve the ice in the heart" ~Frozen
2015-12-13 @ 12:55:13
,,Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will" ~Forest Gump
2015-12-06 @ 12:46:06
,,You never know, when love will come. ",, Listy do M"
2015-11-29 @ 14:07:20
„Some way must be overcome alone.” „The Hunger Games”
2015-11-24 @ 17:00:08
„Remember? You jump I jump.”
„Life is a gift.You can't waste it.”
„Titanic”James Cameron
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