sunny days
2012-04-30 @ 14:04:51
The weather is so gratefull. It's almost hard to believe:) Have you got any plans for this looong free weekend? I plan to go to mountains but I'm afraid that it's too hot. Anyway that's all for entertainments:/ After this week I have so much deadlines and I would have to work. It's sounds horrible.

healthy body in a healthy mind
2012-04-18 @ 22:30:06
I have recently started running. It makes me feel so good. Unfortunately I don't run reguraly. Sometimes it's because of weather but sometimes I just don't feel like it. I'm too tired or I just "don't want the world to see me". Maybe it's a bit rediculous but there are moments when I don't want people looking at me. From the psychological point of wiev I'm propably not self-confident person. And how about you? Do you practice sport?

I think that I should use business vocabulary in my posts. Especially the words which I meet during english classes. It would help me keep them in mind and use them properly.

How you ever heard about the marketing techique which is called "bundling". It means selling several product as one combined product.

Ok that's all for now:)
"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus"
2012-04-15 @ 22:17:59
I bought a book today. The title is "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus". I heard that it's a very interesting psychological book so when I saw it at Matras I decided to buy it. It's the book about problems connected with relatioships. I haven't started reading yet 'cause I have to take notes for tommorow's classes. Anyway I will write my opinion when I finish. Maybe you have already read this book? How do you evaluate it?
2012-04-14 @ 23:27:39
I havn't written recently 'cause I have no acces to internet but I'm back now:)
What's new...actually nothing new. Easter flash passed and day-to-day reality retourned. But maybe it's good. Perhaps it's better to have some occupation,to throw into my work.
I havn't decided to stay at agency (I wrote about it last time). Why? I wasn't sure if this is something I want to do. It's not stable job. You even don't know if you will manage to earn something.Earnings depend on commission.But it's not the only reason...I still look for my destination-and it's rather not real-estate agency.

Well, that's all for now. It's a bit too late and I'm sleepy
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