I was shocked
2012-03-28 @ 23:08:36
I was so shocked today when I came to agency and one of the workers declared that he want to teach me something!Firstly he showed me how to win a client, then how to enter the offer using Asari. He even declared that I would go with him to sing the agreement. And we went. During our way to client we were talking about job of estate agent. His wiev and his passion encouraged me do sth more. And now I'm thinking about remaining agency. Maybe it's good idea. But on the other hand I'm not sure if I cope with reconciling work with studies. I need to think over this case.
2012-03-27 @ 20:36:56
As I promised myself I write:) Today nothing special. I woke up early in the morning (6:40) because of classes of Real Estate Market. I study economics but my speciality is Real Estate management/administration. After classes I went to real estate agency - I pursue a traineeship there. Well, I must say that I expected something more interesting but it isn't. Maybe it's because I do there stupid and boring things like copy, paste, enter etc. At least I don't have to make a coffe:)

Sometimes I feel that I'm not fitted for this major. I have great marks I even have a scholarship but I'm not sure. I'm afraid that after graduating I won't find job or maybe I will but not satisfying job. And today I see that boring and uninteresting job can make you miserable and upset:( The worse is that I even don't know what I would like to do. Maybe it's too early. It's my second year of studying and maybe I will find my way. And you? What are your plans for future.
Come back
2012-03-26 @ 20:52:48
3 years since I have been here last time. So many changes. University, life in other city, but boyfriend the same:)
Unfortunately I stopped developping my language skills. Shame on me! Of course I have english classes at University but we do almost nothing. I feel that my english is getting worser and worser. At Univeristy I have Bussines English but I don't feel I have learned somethin useful. Quite the oppsite:( So that's why I decided to come back here. 3 years ago this blog helped me to pass my matura exam. What's more I had fabulous results. But now...Oh I must change it!
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