2009-09-25 @ 16:35:53
I havn't witten anything about trip 'cause I have no time. Anyway on Monday, Tuesday and Wendesday I visited three Europen capitals: Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest. It was school trip and we spend really nice time togather. Of course I cauth a cold and had terrible throat ache, running nose ect but it havn't spoiled my time there.
I fell in love with Budapest. This city has got amazing athmosphere. I can't describe it in words. It is a must to see. Anyway I would like to come there back someday.
2009-09-10 @ 16:01:16
I'm really concerned about my future...I mean especially matura exam and college. This day showed me that my english still isn't as good as I would it like to be. I have got problems with listenings and readings. What's strange I havn't difficulties with writing. On my today's english lesson we did exactly listening and reading. I couldn't focuse on exercises. I made few silly mistakes. All I can say to my defence is that I was really sleepy and tired. But I noticed that it isn't easy for me to work at school. When I am at home I deal it better. The only one way for me is to work harder...really hard. Maybe you have some advices for me to improve listening and reading.
come back
2009-09-05 @ 09:18:32
Oh I havn't written for ages! I was too busy and sometimes too lazy to put a few lines.
They are lots of changes in my life.From rather shy and complex-ridden girl I become confident and more sociable. It's because job that I had at holiday. I met lots of people. But the most important is that I have the best friend in the world! We can't live without each other. I spent almost all holiday with her 'cause we worked togather. We also attend to school togather and I'm so happy.
I also met a boy...but that's a long story. I will write about it soon:)
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