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2009-07-21 @ 19:21:07
2 days ago I had interesting happen in job. To restaurant come family from Netherlands. My mate ask me to take their order 'cause her english isn't so good (they were talking in english of course). I must tell you that I was a bit afraid. I didn't want to discredit. But everything went well and my job mates look at me with admire now:) That's not all. I thought that I havn't occasions to talk in english so I decided to strike up a converstation. I asked them if they liked Poland, polish food ect. And I noticed that they fallen in love with Poland. They are second time in our country and they are absolutely delighted. Today I also met them when I was shopping with my friend. They recognized me and we exchange a few words. I must tell that they are so nice and so different that polish people...you know what I mean.
2009-07-19 @ 12:01:08
Home sweet home:) Today I'm at home and I'm having a rest. Yesterday was really busy day at work. Restaurant was full of people so I'm a bit tired and sleepy.
I'm angry with weater:( Yesterday was so beautiful day (and I had to work) and today when I have free day the weater is ugly. I have just wanted sunbath a bit.
2009-07-11 @ 12:43:51
We always have lots of plans but we carry out them not often. My plans were to learn for matura at holidays...and I havn't even touched books. I still belive that I have enough time.
Today I'm at home. Tomorrow job again. I'm a bit afraid. Lots of people come to this restaurant (which is really big) and I have so much to do. The weater is going to be better so it will be more tourists and more job. I hope I deal it.
I have question for you. Do you eat meat on Friday? I noticed that this custom disappears. Yesterday at job (it was Friday) people ordered chickens, hamburgers ect. Not everybody but most. According to me I try not to eat meat this day. Sometimes I forget but in general I obey it.
2009-07-07 @ 16:26:27
I'm working and I enjoy it! Maybe it isn't easy but people that I work with are great. The athmosphere in job is fantastic. We have lots of fun. We still laughing and joking hihi. Today I have free day but I can't wait tomorrow.
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