2009-06-30 @ 11:42:30
Tomorrow I'm going to go to my friend. I'll be living with her every second day. Maybe not living but sliping because we will be working all day in some pub. I won't be comming back at home 'cause this pub is too far away. I don't know if I cope (I hope) but I'm so bored that I'd rather working than doing nothing at home. I'm also afraid about my mother. She will stay with my brothers. I know this felling. They are disorganized and untidy. Today I told them that they have to help her and listen to her and if they don't she will get creazy. She is also ill. She has constantly problems with throat and I told them that she could be more sick if she still had lots of worries. I hope they understand.
2009-06-23 @ 10:20:41
Temporarily I spend my holidays at home:/ Weater is awful as you can see. But since 2 July I'm going to go to job. Honestly I can't wait 'cause boring is so annoying. I'm reading,watching ect but it isn't enough for all day. I know that I have matura exam next year so I could learn a bit but I don't feel like it. I have just finished second class and I need a rest.
I hope the weater will be better soon.
I wish you all great holidays!
2009-06-09 @ 16:14:22
It was the last day of my learning agony!:) Marks are done so I can say tht my holidays started of course I stil will be going to school but it's formality. My marks are good so I will have ceftificate with distintion:) Ehh I think it was worth.
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