tiredness signs
2009-05-29 @ 16:45:16
If this school year don't come to the end soon I will definitely get creazy. Why? I'm utterly exhausted and everything I do is not as it should be. For example today instead write "kruszce" I wrote "tłuszcze". Of course we were laughing but it isn't normal 'cause it happens all the time. I have got rediculous dreams and I still make a slip of the tounge. It's the best proof that this school year have to come to the end.
The worst will be next week. Lots of tests that I have to write really good. Only Tuesday fills me optimist because I'm going to hairdresser.
just school
2009-05-22 @ 18:21:34
Another problem with teacher. This time a difficult with physic teacher. Month ago she announced us test. But it isn't normal test. It's going to be from 2 years. From the begining of our education in LO. Yesterday we asked our tutor if it is possible. She was really suprised and advised to check it in school statute. We checked and it turned out it is impossible. She mustn't do this test. On Monday we are going to tell her about it. I'm afraid that even if she agree not to do this test she will do us other, consistet with statute but really difficult...
in healthy body healthy mind
2009-05-19 @ 15:41:32
Today I came back home earlier because I didn't go to physical education (of course I didn't bolt:P). I don't feel like go however I like sport and exercises. How about you? I take rather regulary exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. I saw that it's really hapefull for me. I feel better and I havn't got health problems as I used to have. There is nothing special. I only quite everyday do some trunkbending, knee bending ect. I reccomend because it also helps with learning. More oxygen and better circulation helps me to focus.
2009-05-15 @ 18:00:09
I can't stand injustice at my school. The most annoying are of course teachers. For example to my class attends our viceheadmaster's doughter. She smokes at WC, she neglects lost of class and she doesn't care. And what do you think? Is she punished? No. They even like her and they give her good marks for nothing. Maybe not all teachers but most. Uhh I hate it!
just me
2009-05-03 @ 17:52:27
I hate my explosive, irritable temper! Today I got up in bad mood 'left leg' propably because since morning I have been shouting at everybody. When I was walking to church with my parents I quarreled with my mom ( I have no reason). And immadiately after it I was so angry on myself. I can't control my character. I hate it.
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