Long weekend
2009-04-29 @ 21:05:50
Tomorrow last day and weekend...I can't wait. But it seems to be busy break. "Lovely" school won't let me forget about oneself. I have much to do. Presentation of Geogfaphy, CV for PP, and something else I can't remember. Besides lots of test after weekend. It's not fair but what is fair? My life is so plain and dull. Sometimes I would like something to change...bring me something new. Unfortunately I's just my luck. I'm sorry I just exaggerate. But I can't say I have everything I could wish for.
I feel holidays
2009-04-24 @ 21:18:23
I didn't know why but I already feel holidays. Maybe it's because today was last goodbye school leavers. Unfortunately teachers don't share this view. We have lot's of tests ect. When I come back from school I have to learn all the time. I don't have to tell you how tiring it is.
But I'm happy because of other reason...I will have a job for holidays!! My friend helped me with this. I will be working in bar every second day for 16 hours. I hope I will menage Lately I have been going for lots of 18 birthday. This year me and my friens from this and old class celebrate 18 birthday. For example tomorrow I'm going to my class mate party. The worst is that on Sunday I have contest in Olkusz and I have depart at 6 am! I don't know if it's sense of going sleep.
2009-04-08 @ 15:47:01
Finally break:) And Easter is comming. Do you like this feast? I prefer Christmast but Easter also is OK.
Beautiful weater, warm, sun- everything I could wish for (exept money-I never have it).
Today we ( all my english groupe) make off from last lesson:p We was so bored and thought we just can't stay on seventh lesson...I hope they don't inflict big punishment on us:P
Kisses and happy Easter!
2009-04-02 @ 16:14:20
I'm so happy!~Why? I don't know. Spring makes me happy. "I Belive I can fly I belive I could touch the sky"- that's how I feel.

But I can't say it's only becouse of the sring. In school is really good now. I mean not only marks, tests ect but also my classmates and other people from school. I feel I have better contact with them.

I must also wite you about contest (I have written about it in last post). So first I must tell I was really stressed. I thing it's because I havn't sung for a long time. Secondly my voice was shaking so much and I couldn't stop this. But despite of this everything went great and....we occupped first position (in our category). Thanks to this we will go to next stage in Olkusz:)
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